Laura Marano Talked About Her Charity Work And More With BYOU Magazine


BYOU Magazine shared this great interview of Laura Marano on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2014) as they spoke with her about her charity work and more. The “Austin & Ally” star graced the cover of their magazine for the January/February 2014 issue.

They pointed out in their article that Miss Laura’s favorite color is red and her favorite Valentine’s Day candies are Kit Kats and Nerds!


BYOU: Doing charity work is very important to you, which is the reason we love having you as our cover story for our “Do-Gooder” issue. Please share with our readers some of the charity work you’ve been involved with.

LAURA: Charity work has become an important part of my life and I want to do as much of it as I possibly can. This past year, I was the 2013 Trick-or-Treat For UNICEF Ambassador and continue to work with them now. UNICEF is an incredible organization that helps less fortunate kids in other countries who don’t have things like running water or enough food. I’m also involved with a really cool campaign with the Humane Society called Meatless Monday, encouraging people to go one day a week without meat. Not only is it healthy, but being an avid supporter of helping animals and our environment, I love that fact that is saves millions of animals and helps our environment in a big way. If everyone in the U.S. participated in Meatless Monday, the pollution emitted by factory farms would be reduced as much as the equivalent of 500,000 less cars on the road!

I’ve also worked with Global Green to bring awareness about the environment, the Book-By-Book Campaign to provide books to low-income kids in their homes and schools, and the TJ Martell Foundation to help raise money for cancer and leukemia research. I volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club near my home to help kids with homework (although having me there can be more of a distraction!). I try to help out as much as possible. I’ve found out that once you start helping, it opens the space to want to do more. There are so many places in the world that need us and it feels really good to help.

BYOU: Yet it seems a lot of kids don’t get involved in charity work. Any idea why?

LAURA: I believe that it’s not that kids don’t want to help, they don’t know HOW to help. A lot of kids (even adults) feel they are too small to help, like “How can little ol’ me make a difference?” It’s an unfortunate mindset, because truthfully, we ALL can make a difference. I feel the awesome opportunity I have of being on Austin & Ally gives me another awesome opportunity to use my voice to tell kids to use their voice. We all have a voice we can use, and we all have a power inside of us to make a change. People need to stop thinking that they are too “small” to make a difference, but rather realize that we are all part of a big universal connection that is within us.

BYOU: Yes! Please explain more about our universal connection.

LAURA: We all are human beings, and even though we are individuals with our own quirks, on a basic level we are all the same. We all have the same needs; physical ones like food and water, and emotional ones like love and positivity. But not everyone gets those needs fulfilled, and when one of us is not receiving these things, the whole human race suffers. Our pop culture tends to make us less aware of this universal connection, but it’s there, it’s 100% there. There’s a reason why when you help someone you feel so good—you’re not helping a stranger, you’re helping a fellow member of your species who is a part of you. When you reawaken that universal connection within yourself, you feel more fulfilled. We need to realize we are all on this big universal team together and do our part, whether it’s helping kids in other parts of the world, saving animals, or cleaning up our environment. It’s so fun, so fulfilling, and so incredible. Why wouldn’t you want to work for something you can be a part of and say, “I’m a part of the team!”??

Here are Laura’s “How To Be A Do-Gooder” Tips:

*Take ten minutes to look online and find a cause that is meaningful
to you.

*Find ways to volunteer for the organization (if it’s not a charity
that requires physical work, you can start putting on fundraisers).

*Grab a friend to join you! You will have loads of fun, get to know
your friend more, and feel great helping out!

*Bring awareness to your cause! Use social media or just talk in
person about it!

So great!!!

Read more at BYOU Magazine!

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