Debby Ryan Talked With Glitter Magazine About “Jessie” And Her Music February 2014


Here is an excerpt of an interview that Debby Ryan had with Glitter Magazine where she talked about “Jessie,” her album and more!

GLITTER: Congrats on Jessie being one of Disney’s top shows of 2013! How does that feel?

DEBBY: Thank you! It feels good. I’ll be honest, when you are on this side of things there are always crazy statistics that come out like, ‘Jessie is the most successful show that Disney has ever done!’ ‘Jessie is the most successful show for children ages 8 to…’ you have to just let it roll off your back. Every show hears something great about their show, but that’s amazing.

For me, I love the fact that people like it. I love when people come up to me on the street and tell me that ‘Jessie made me laugh’ or I’ll do hospital visits and moms will tell me that the only time they’ve smiled with when their watching my show.

To me, that’s what makes it so important and cool. To be able to be a part of something that big, is something you can’t even wrap your mind around.

GLITTER: That’s really cool. You’re also creating an album that is releasing this year. What sound are you doing?

DEBBY: It’s so hard. I’m very weird with genres. It’s almost an indie-pop-rock. I don’t even know how to describe it, but to me, it’s my story. It’s the songs that I’ve been wanting to tell. When I have a phrase that has been running around in my head and I play a chord, or I play a note in my head, and it comes out. That sets the tone for all of it.

GLITTER: You’re so beautiful. You’re on the Disney channel with a lot of young girls who look up to you, but you seem to handle that very well. You aren’t doing anything extreme to your body.

DEBBY: Thank you. I genuinely think that it’s crazy that people think I hear stuff like that all the time, so for me to hear that it makes me feel better about it. My brother and I have very similar attributes and qualities. It’s your genealogy. There is something different always at play, and you can’t hold yourself to the standards of like, ‘Oh, I don’t look like this other person.’ That doesn’t make them the standard of beauty. For me, it took a long time to make peace with that. For me, it makes me feel good to know that I’m doing what I can to have my best body. Not eating tons of things out of cans and wrappers, and know that you are taking care of yourself with real things.

Read the full interview here.

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