Listen: Sabrina Carpenter’s “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying” And Details On Her EP


Music comes naturally to Sabrina Carpenter. At just fourteen, she’s signed with Hollywood Records and recorded a four song EP that would give an artist of any age a run for their money.


Sabrina’s EP cover!

Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying captures the complex mix of Sabrina’s youth and musical talent well beyond her years. The four songs that she’s chosen as her introduction to the world come from her love of music (citing influences ranging from Etta James to Christina Aguilera) and a refreshing sense of self that reveals an artist with an infectiously fun and down-to-earth vibe. Her affable personality, powerhouse vocals, and passion for performing make her the kind of emerging superstar that you’ll want doubling as your best friend.

Sabrina hails from the suburbs of Philadelphia where she was born into a family of dancers, musicians, and actors whom she says continue to inspire her through her creative journey. She was raised in a world of talent where she recalls spending time performing with her older sisters, so her triple threat assets come as no surprise. “Everything that I love comes from the arts. That’s my life,” Sabrina says. While she may be considered a newcomer she has already had a song, “Smile,” chart on Radio Disney.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying.” Flawless vocals, an undeniably sophisticated edge, and an effortless ability to inspire listeners make this song an instant feel-good anthem. “This song stood out because it’s an innocent love story and it speaks to girls who make mistakes but keep trying because that’s all you can do, regardless of what age you are,” Sabrina says with a smile on her face.

A folk meets pop jam, “Middle of Starting Over” is certain to be added to countless sleepover playlists. This song has a clear message and an unforgettable sound only made stronger by Sabrina’s dulcet vocals. “It’s got a bit of folk to it which I love, but the message carries that girl power theme as well.”

“White Flag” almost didn’t make the cut when she first heard it. “My sister really liked it and told me I had to at least record the demo just to see if I liked it. I did and then I just fell in love,” Sabrina says. The track allows her to showcase her vocals and change up the tempo a bit, all the while maintaining the energy that Sabrina brings to all of her songs.

The EP wraps up with “Best Thing That I’ve Got,” a tune that both Sabrina and her parents felt was right for her. “It’s just one of those feel good songs that you just can’t help but smile when listening to no matter your mood and it was my parents’ favorite song, so they wanted me to record the demo,” she recalls. “And since parents know best, I had to do it.”

Her creative accomplishments don’t end with this EP though. Sabrina is currently learning to play the guitar, piano, has her eye on a set of drums, and she’s a talented dancer. “I’ve taken a lot of dance lessons and I really love it,” she says. “And drumming is something I’ve always wanted to learn, so I’m sure I’ll be trying that soon,” she says. What’s cooler than a female drummer?

Sabrina can also be seen in the highly anticipated Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World, premiering on Disney Channel later this year. While she loves to act and has incredible talent and a deep passion for it, she is proving that she is equally talented and passionate when it comes to her music.

Sabrina is currently pouring her creativity, joy and musical point of view into writing and recording her full-length album. Fans of the EP can expect an album with a whole lot of spunk and a good amount of heart. “Through all of the decisions I’ve had to make, they’ve left it up to me and I’ve gotten to use my own voice and my own quirks,” Sabrina says. “Hopefully my listeners hear that and see it in themselves too.”

Listen to “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying.” It is so GREAT!

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    I am a huge fan of you and your music you have inspired me to be an actor and a singer thank you so much

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    i am a huge fan of sabrina carpenter because i love ” can’t blame a girl for tryin” and i am in the middle of starting


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