Bella Thorne Talked About Her Upcoming Album Via Twitter March 27, 2014


A pretty new Instagram from Bella Thorne on Thursday evening (March 27, 2014) and a lot of talk about her upcoming album.

Bella tweeted information on how many songs would be on the album, her first single is also the album name, she will be randomly mentioning lyrics and more:

11 songs on the album

my album will be named after the 1st single.

shooting album art on sunday

take me on a roller coaster round and round up and over..i’m ready for the ride.

our love needs no name…we’ve got a thing that we can’t explain

The singer/actress took some time to answer her Bellarina/Bellarinos’ questions too:

@moe_thorne asked:

@bellathorne omg can’t you tell us the first single’s name?

Bella said:

@moe_thorne i can’t yet..but i’ll be posting lyrics secretly.

@oaklandthorne wondered:

@bellathorne whats your fave song from the album?

Miss Thorne tweeted:

@oaklandthorne one that i co-wrote but i have a few that are special to me.

@oaklandthorne wanted to know about a music video for her upcoming single:

@bellathorne will there be a music video for the single?

Bella said yes:

@oaklandthorne yes i am shooting it very soon.

@ohselenaholic was curious about collaborations:

@bellathorne do you have any collaborations on the album?!=) 14

Bella’s response:

@ohselenaholic i do! a pretty incredible male singer. EXCELLENT dancer too

Be sure to read more on Bella’s Twitter!!

So excited for her! Can’t wait!

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