Zendaya Talked In Detail About Her Trip To Jamaica April 5, 2014


Zendaya has been blogging on her website recently and on Saturday (April 5, 2014) shared her thoughts and feelings about her trip to Jamaica taken at the end of January 2014.

Miss Z enjoyed time with friends and family exploring the cultural aspects of the area, performing at the Youth View Awards and more!

Here is an excerpt from her article where she talked about being at the Youth View Awards:

Everyone….and I mean everyone was on their feet, moving, dancing, singing, cheering, and fully enjoying each other. The culture was so thick and the love so pure, it was unlike anything I’d seen or experienced before.

When I went on the stage to perform, there was thunderous applause as I was welcomed by the crowd with open arms. With loud and proud voices they even sang the lyrics to my song.

For me, just knowing that people who lived so far away still supported me and knew the lyrics to my song…I was overcome with happiness and pride. This was the moment I came to Jamaica for and I will have and treasure the experience forever.

To see lots of pics and read her whole post, check it out at her website!

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