Video: Laura Marano Has Joined UNICEF In The Live Below The Line Challenge & How You Can Help


More than 1.2 billion people around the world survive on less than $1.50 a day. And, “Austin & Ally” actress Laura Marano joined UNICEF in the Live Below The Line challenge and has pledged to try and live on a dollar fifty a day. Limit spending on food and drink to just $7.50 over five days and see what an impact you can make. Extreme poverty, which affects families in every region of the world, does not just mean hunger. It means a lack of food options. It means stunting and malnutrition. UNICEF is committed to preventing and treating child malnutrition around the globe and to helping every child get the nutrition needed for healthy future. Could you do it?

Laura said:

Extreme poverty doesn’t just mean hunger; it means a lack of food, which leads to malnutrition and stunted growth. UNICEF wants to end extreme poverty by setting up a campaign to live below the line.

More information from UNICEF with this video:

Millions of children across the world live off of less than two dollars per day, leading to numerous health problems.

In this video, learn more about UNICEF’s Live Below the Line Campaign. Watch as Laura pledges to live off of only $1.50 per day for five whole days. Support Laura and UNICEF’s nutrition programs to provide food and water to those in need so that no one has to live on less than two dollars per day.


Keep up with Laura via her Twitter and Instagram as she takes on this challenge. Here is a photo of her first breakfast on Monday (April 28, 2014).

She said:

First breakfast for the Live #BelowTheLine challenge: 4 baby carrots, a slice of bread, and a glass of water, which all cost around 25 cents. Check out how you can help at ❤❤ #What #IDidNOTKnowThereWereFoodEmojis


This pic from Laura’s Instagram shows her dinner on Monday evening, and she typed:

My first dinner living #BelowTheLine! A slice of homemade pizza (best dad ever!), 2 oz of lettuce, and a glass of water all equals around $1.25… So basically, this challenge is going to get me REALLY good at math

Pledge a donation at


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