Dove Cameron Announced Her & Ryan McCartan’s Band Name May 15, 2014


Dove Cameron talked with Bop and Tiger Beat recently and filled them in on the name for her and Ryan McCartan‘s band.

She talked about the original name Rove first:

Rove was sort of a placeholder. We never actually intended on being called our couple name.

When they asked what their new name is, Dove said that she had to get with Ryan before revealing it:

We have a name. I don’t know if it’s something… you know what? I’ll text Ryan right now and see if it’s something that I can tell you. We’re really excited about the name!

After she contacted her boyfriend, she said:

The name of our band is Vignette. The date that Ryan and I met was April 3, and in Roman numerals, that’s VI. So we knew we wanted something that started with “vi,” so it could be meaningful to us.Vignette is defined as a little sketch at the beginning and the end of every chapter, and we thought that was beautiful — something that is constant throughout all change. Something that is the same at the beginning and the end. And something that weathers through every chapter.

That sounds beautiful!!

Cannot wait to hear their music!

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