Debby Ryan Talked With Shine On Media About “One”


Debby Ryan spoke with Shine On Media about The Never Ending’s song “Mulholland Drive” and their EP titled One that is releasing on June 24th!

Shine On Media: How does “Mulholland Drive” set up for the full ‘One’ EP out next week?

Debby said:

I think it shows you that the lyrics aren’t watered down. I’m not going to sacrifice who I am and what I think is cool about “Mulholland” as a preview to the rest of everything is that it doesn’t ignore the fact that I’m an actress and maybe that’s why people know my face and my name. I’m not trying to coast on the fans that I have. I believe in new fans, but the ones that know me, I want to show them the artistic version of who I am. I want to marry a person who understands my vines and the sarcastic kind of tweets and the poetic posts whenever I’m having a bad day…I want to marry that personality with the girl who creates art at a very high quality. I think that’s what this music is. My actual personality. I’m not a character, I don’t have lines or costumes, but it’s also done in a very high quality way. Chase [Ryan] is the most incredible producer and has a very advanced studio and the boys in the band are incredible at what they do. I think what we’ve found is very special and has a balance to me that I think “Mulholland Drive” is just the beginning of the Never Ending.

Shine On Media: You do have such beautiful lyrics with your songs. Do you have a favorite lyric you’ve ever written?


There’s a lyric in the song “Waltz When the Dark Falls” and it’s “my heart is a bird and my head is a cage.” It is my brother’s favorite lyric as well and he ended up getting it tattooed and that was very special to me because…I have lyrics that are tattooed on somebody’s arm. That’s a very big thing and for me to have written something for my life hero and best friend in the world to have tattooed on them, that’s a really big thing and he more than anyone in the entire world understands what my mind was doing when I wrote that song. So that’s why I think that it’s very important and cool that he likes that.

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