New Live-Action Comedy Pilot For Disney XD Called “Commando Crash”


Deadline had an exclusive earlier today on Disney XD beginning production on live-action comedy pilot “Commando Crash” for series consideration. It features the loveable purple puppet, Crash, from Disney XD’s “Crash & Bernstein,” played by Emmy-nominated puppet master and filmmaker Tim Lagasse. The pilot picks up with Crash after he has been sent away to Oak Shield Military Academy, a military school with a stark division between the Alphas, who aspire to learn the good ways of an Oak Shield soldier, and the Clunks, a group of out-casted cadets who are there to mend their propensity for trouble-making. Crash rallies the discouraged Clunks to push their limits and stand up against the long-standing favoritism shown toward the Alphas.

Adam Dorfman, Cameron Ocasio and Armaan Juneja also star as Crash’s fellow Clunks Sterling, Hunter and Z, respectively; Nicholas Stargel as all-star Alpha cadet Duchowski; and Megan Goodman as Kit, an unlikely ally to the Clunks.

Crash & Bernstein creator, Emmy-nommed Eric Friedman (Austin & Ally, I’m In The Band) penned the pilot and executive produces along with Jim Armogida and Steve Armogida. Victor Gonzalez (Lab Rats, Wizards Of Waverly Place) will direct.

Interesting!!! Wonder what that means for “Crash & Bernstein?”

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