Photos: Rowan Blanchard & Landry Bender Had A Fun Sleepover July 9, 2014


Rowan Blanchard and Landry Bender had a sleepover on Wednesday (July 9, 2014).

The two Disney starlets snapped a photo together and look at the super fun shirts they have on.

Rowan wearing a “Girl Meets World” t-shirt and Landry with a purple “Crash & Bernstein” shirt. Love it! Both representing their TV shows.

Rowan had this to say with the Instagrammed photo:

Our version of pajama shirts. girl meets crash n bernstein meets sleepover #brunettex2


Miss Landry also tweeted this pic of her good friend and wrote:

Rowan trying to pose for a surprise photo. #hi @rowblanchard

When a fan responded to this tweet and wanted to hear more, Landry said that they were watching Christmas movies and didn’t have time to answer:

@SaoriTorii @rowblanchard Sorry. Too busy watching Christmas movies in the summer.

Looks like they had a fun night! Christmas in July! How cool is that?! 🙂

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