Nice Birthday Messages For Olivia Holt From Her Friends August 5, 2014


Adam Irigoyen and Olivia Holt are birthday buddies! They were both born on August 5, 1997!

Mr. Irigoyen posted a nice pic and message on their 17th birthday (August 5, 2014) to Miss Olivia saying:

Happy date of birth to the only girl I would EVER consider sharing a birthday with. She’s funny, cool, and we always have conversations that carry over for days happy birthday @olivia_holt btw we haven’t taken a picture together lately which is why i’m posting this one… She approved it though so we’re all good


Piper Curda has posted a pretty pic of her and Olivia hugging, and she said about her friend and “I Didn’t Do It” co-star today:

Missing this Nutella/ketchup/popcorn obsessed gal like a banshee but sending her some fat love for her 17th. Picspam to come as the day progresses. Luhya Liv.


Gracie Benward shared a pic of her and Olivia and had this to say to her bestie:

happy birthday from one toilet cleaner to another! hehehe I hope you have an amazing 17th year of life that is full of joy and adventure! I will miss you when I’m gone but maybe when I get back we can clean a few more toilets together! make today count! I love you and I will see you soon!

I bet there will be lots more tweets coming Olivia’s way, and I will update this later.

Hope that the sweet Disney starlet has a wonderful day!


Kat McNamara wished that Olivia would have a really nice birthday, and she had beautiful comments about her too:

Happy birthday to a girl very close to my heart, @olivia_holt! ❤️My dear, you are so kind, talented, sweet, genuine, and beautiful inside and out. I am so lucky to call you a friend and think of you as a sister. There are certain people who come into your life that truly change it for the better. For me, you are one of those people. Enjoy your day! I hope it is as amazing and beautiful as you! xox


Luke Benward wrote a super sweet message on his Instagram about Olivia, and oh, my goodness they are so adorable in this pic:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the MOST amazing and beautiful human being on this planet. God knew what he was doing when he made you and he DEFINITELY knew what he was doing when he put you in my life. You are a blessing to everyone you come in contact with. You can light up any room with just that smile of yours. You joy and love is magnetic and contagious. Happy birthday to my best friend and so much more❤️. #booski #bday #youfreakinrock

So great!


Olivia’s mom (Kim Holt) posted this cute photo of her daughter today and said:

wow. The big 17! My sweet girl, what a blessing you are not only 2me but everyone you meet. You genuinely love everyone. I love you infinitely. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. @olivia_holt 1 Corinthians 13:13


Kelli Berglund talked about what a sweetheart Olivia is with this super fun snapshot:

#messythrowback? Can’t say enough good things about this gal. She’s truly one of a kind. I love you liv, happy 17th! ❤️ @olivia_holt

Landry Bender:

Happy happy 17th to the beautiful @olivia_holt, have an amazing day.

Oana Gregory tweeted:

Happpy Birthday, doll!! @olivia_holt wishing you the best, hope you have an awesome day

Rowan Blanchard:

Happy happy birthday to the most beautiful girl inside & out @olivia_holt ❤️ I hope you had a wonderful day 🙂

Sabrina Carpenter said:


Austin North found this great picture and said:

Kim, I mean Lindy, I mean Olivia, I mean sis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are such an amazing/talented/funny person and I’m so lucky to call you my sis/twin/fellowstudenttolindastone etc…. Love u sis!!! Have an amazing birthday (ps I need to see your car)


Nice pic of Spencer Boldman and Olivia taken while they were in Australia.

Spencer typed:

A big Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl, inside and out. Hope it’s a great one @olivia_holt (p.s we miss you Aus) photo: @phil_carrick


Peyton Clark tweeted with this photo collage:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @olivia_holt! Hard to believe we went from making each other uncomfortable to…well…never mind.

Photo source: Twitter and Instagram

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