Pre-order “Disney Infinity 2.0 Premium Value Back”, Get Play Set Free


Amazon has listed what’s referred to as the “Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Premium Value Pack,” available for all consoles at launch, for $119.99. The bundle includes the Avengers play set, figures, toy box game discs, Marvel power disc blind pack, the Spider-Man play set, Captain America figure, Venom figure and Rocket Raccoon figure which is playable inside the Avengers Play Set.

If you add it all up, the savings for the bundle is nearly $36, about the price of a Spider-Man play set as a standalone purchase price. Effectively, you are getting one play set free with the bundle pack if you purchase the Disney Infinity 2.0 bundle from Amazon which is advertising a release date of September 23, 2014, day for the bundle on all available platforms.

Bryan Moore

Bryan is a theme park and coaster enthusiast. He enjoys spending time at his favorite parks in Central Florida: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition to theme parks, Bryan enjoys movies and gaming.

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