“Disney’s Frozen” Coming to Club Penguin


“Disney’s Frozen” is making its way to Club Penguin Island. Starting tomorrow, August 21, 2014, and lasting until September 3, 2014, players will have several extra abilities such as dressing up like a character from the hit film, including favorites like Olaf, Sven, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. You can see an example of Club Penguin Elsa below. Besides dressing up, players can also participate in a snowflake quest, create a snowman Puffle or even decorate their own Ice Palace Igloo. There’s even going to be a special performance of “Let it Go.”


We mentioned the snowflake quest above. You might be wondering what that is? Well, you can start the “Frozen” party by searching for Elsa’s magic snowflakes. They are hidden around Club Penguin Island. Once you complete that task, you can transform into Olaf or Marshmallow. This gives you extra abilities like freezing objects around the island. While you are in the quest to locate snowflakes, Elsa will be constructing her Ice Palace for players to explore, and once complete, you will be able to hear a special instrumental performance of “Let It Go” when you enter.


Here are a few highlights for “Disney’s Frozen” Party:

  • Choose from a number of member-only costumes to dress their penguin characters in, including Olaf, Sven, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff themed outfit
  • Search for seven magic snowflakes that will give members special powers to freeze items around the island. All players can thaw frozen objects by using the heart emote
  • All players can visit Elsa’s Ice Palace igloo to hear a special instrumental performance of “Let it Go,” as well as decorate their own free Ice Palace themed igloo
  • Members will also be able to transform themselves into Marshmallow or Olaf or even create their own snowman Puffle

There’s one interesting piece of information about this party — it will be the first party available on the Club Penguin app.  That’s kind of a cool (sorry, no pun intended) bit of information. You really should take a minute to check out Club Penguin anytime, and if you are a fan of “Frozen” (not sure who isn’t), it’s even more reason to try it out now. Visit Club Penguin for additional information.

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