Photos: “Villains Unleashed” Event at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios



Villains were on display throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios last night, August 23, 2014, for the first ever “Villains Unleashed,” an all new special ticket event. We have photos from the villain infused party night. There were several special activities for the party, such as the Hades Hangout and Dance Party Saturday. A couple of Disney Villains, Dr. Hämsterviel and Captain Gantu make a grand entrance at that particular location as seen in the photo below courtesy of of Chloe Rice and Walt Disney World.


The Hades Hangout also hosted an appearance by several additional villains: Hades, who obviously needed to make an appearance at a party with that name, along with Pain and Panic. Take a look at their photo below.


Villains were the featured guests throughout the night, but there were a few heroes that made it to the party as well, including Star-Lord and Gamora from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” They are the first ever Marvel characters to be showcased inside Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks because of contracts with Universal Studios that predate their purchase of Marvel.



The event ended with an amazing “Villains in the Sky” Fireworks show that was brilliantly captured (courtesy of Chloe Rice and Walt Disney World) in this photo.


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