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Disney is really looking to build up the excitement as Star Wars is heading to theaters next year. It’s not like they really need to. I’m sure the lines will be packed for the new movie, but it only makes sense that they’d work their marketing magic to develop a variety of things around the release. They have the computer animated movie, “Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion” premiering on Disney Channel on October 3, 2014. Beginning October 13, Disney XD will feature a continuation of “Star Wars Rebels” in the form of a TV series. So, when we saw that Disney had released a new freemium real-time strategy game for iOS (coming to Android soon) called “Star Wars Commander,” it wasn’t really much of a surprise and we were eager to try it out.


Star Wars Commander is like many other games on the App Store: it’s free-to-play. You begin with a game tutorial in Tatooine and build a base, which is a good start, in that it gives you a nice story. We won’t give away any details about the story other than to say that we enjoyed it. The game is based around Crystals that can either be earned or purchased. Again, it’s like so many of the free-to-play titles on the App Store now. You build something to produce some type of currency or credits — in this game you build refineries that do this. Or, if you choose, you can purchase Crystals to speed the game up. If you dislike this approach in freemium games, you won’t like this one either. It’s not really a bad game, in fact, several of us actually enjoyed it quite a lot, but it is exceedingly slooooooow to play. That is, unless you open your pocketbook. If you do pay, it becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

The game has a definite Star Wars feel. It comes complete with the opening Star Wars credits that everyone knows and loves, the voiceovers are fairly well done, includes the locales, characters and if you are a Star Wars fan, it’s worth a download. The name might sound familiar because it’s close to the name of another game available in 2000 called “Star Wars: Force Commander” although that title was available for Windows. There really wasn’t much in common between the titles besides the names. As we mentioned earlier, the game is available on iOS currently and will be available on Android soon. Ultimately, if you enjoy this game will most likely come down to if you don’t mind paying for some things.

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