Polynesian Resort Opens New Dole Whip Location


One of the great treats at all of Walt Disney World is the Dole Whip, and there are several places you can one throughout the area. One such area has been the Polynesian Resort, and more specifically, Capt. Cook’s, a quick service restaurant inside the resort. The restaurant was recently redone, and the Dole Whip self-service machine was removed during the process. There were many sighs heard throughout the resort when guest realized they couldn’t get their favorite treat.


Disney has remedied the situation with an all new location in the resort for the pineapple whipped treat called the Pinapple Lanai. The small stand has been placed near Capt. Cook’s and has taken a small piece of real estate from Wyland Gallery. There is a seating area near the pool that offers six tables and seating for 24 guests and is covered. It’s no longer self-serve, so any thoughts of trying to create the single largest Dole Whip ever is no longer available. Instead, the Dole Whips are available in a couple of different ways: single flavor, swirl or float with Vanilla and Pineapple. There are also souvenirs in the form of Tiki Bowls available as well.

Bryan Moore

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