Zendaya Talked Not Being Good At Keeping Her Bedroom Clean August 30, 2014


Disney Playlist had a chance to chat with Zendaya when she was in San Antonio, Texas, for the People en Español Festival on Saturday (August 30, 2014) prior to her 18th birthday.

She was asked about her style and advice she would give to girls, plus if there was anything she wasn’t good at.

Take a peek:

You have such a unique sense of style. What advice would you give to girls trying to do the same?

I think that when you’re this age, in your teens or whatever, it’s your time to explore and have fun. You can try whatever you want, you know, and it’s okay to have a bad outfit. It’s okay to have memories of, “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I wore that” because that’s what shapes you to find your style and really discover what you do like. You have to have the down moments. I would say just know that it’s a progression of who you are.

Obviously, you’re incredible at singing, dancing, and acting. Is there anything you’re NOT good at?

I’m not good at a lot of things. I am not good at keeping my room clean. I am not good at eating healthy. I am not good at sports anymore. I used to be! Not so much anymore. My dad wouldn’t be happy about that.

Read the full interview at the source.

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