Busch Gardens Tampa Welcomes Baby Aardvark


Today, Busch Gardens has posted images on their blog of a new baby Aardvark. The Aardvark was born one month ago today (August 5, 2014) and is doing very well. Amazingly, it is will grow to more than 120 lbs. within its first year of life. Aardvark births are very rare so this is some exciting news, and this is the fourth baby born to “Izzy” and “Friz.” At this time, the sex of the baby is unknown.

Aardvarks are certainly one of the interesting looking mammals. They are similar to a pig with an extra long snout, which it actually uses for locating food sources. Food for the aardvarks are ants and termites which it can dig out by using their very sharp claws. They are burrowing animals, using the burrows for living and raising their young, and native to Africa.

Bryan Moore

Bryan is a theme park and coaster enthusiast. He enjoys spending time at his favorite parks in Central Florida: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition to theme parks, Bryan enjoys movies and gaming.

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