Raini Rodriguez Talked With Time For Kids About The “Austin & Ally” Episode “Beauties & Bullies”


With the upcoming episode of “Austin & Ally” titled “Beauties & Bullies” concentrating on Raini Rodriguez‘s character Trish being bullied, Miss Raini visited with Time For Kids about this topic recently.

She opened up about what she thought of the script, being bullied herself and how to help someone that is being targeted by a bully.

Be sure to tune in to watch this episode on Sunday (September 28, 2014) on Disney Channel!

Read some of her interview here:


What did you think when you read this script, which focuses on Trish getting bullied?


I was really excited to get the script. I remember reading it and tearing up while I was reading it. It’s such a real episode. I remember when I was younger getting bullied and not knowing how to deal with it and not knowing if your friends would understand and if you should stick up for yourself. I thought it was really important.


How did you relate to Trish’s experience in this episode?


I was definitely bullied when I was a kid. I’ve always been a little short and a little thicker than most girls, so I was always a little bit different. I grew up in Texas and I was in public school until the 6th grade. It wasn’t terrible, but there were those moments where people would call me names, and it hurts. I am a lot like Trish in that we are both headstrong and confident in ourselves and don’t really care what other people think. But then everyone has those moments where something makes them doubt themselves.


Why do you think Trish puts on a brave face about the mean comments in front of her friends?


I think she’s probably embarrassed. Sometimes, the person who is being bullied feels the sense of embarrassment, like, “Why am I being targeted out of all my friends?”


What can friends do to help someone begin bullied?


I think you should make sure your friend is OK, talk to them, reassure them that whatever they are being bullied for, it’s not who they are. Of course, if it escalates, I would definitely tell a parent or teacher because sometimes adults can come in and settle things the proper way.

What’s good about the episode is it showcases what to do and what not to do. There’s no reason to get back at a bully. It’s not going to make anybody else feel better. Then you are just fighting fire with fire. If your friend is getting bullied, you can stand with him or her.

You definitely need to read the rest of this interview! So good! Check it out at the source.

And, read about the “Choose Kindness” campaign from Disney Channel here.

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