Photo: Olivia Holt Shared Her Excitement About Signing With Hollywood Records October 7, 2014


Really and truly happy for Olivia Holt! This girl has an incredible voice!

The Disney starlet shared her feelings with everyone about her big news that hit today (October 7, 2014) about her signing with Hollywood Records.

She wrote:

So above and beyond happy to announce that I have officially signed a record deal with @hollywoodrecords! Such a heart pounding experience. #PinchMe

So great!!!

Read more about Olivia’s new album arriving in 2015!


Update! Kim Holt posted this pic and talked about how proud she is of her daughter:

My little liveybear has been singing since she could talk. So happy for this new chapter in her journey. Officially signed with @hollywoodrecords #proudmomma #hollywoodrecords #singing #music

Take a peek at this adorable video of Olivia via her mom’s Instagram:


Had to share @olivia_holt excitement!! #hollywoodrecords #officallysigned #olivia holt

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Photo source: Instagram

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