“Cars: Fast as Lightning” Game Now Available for Mobile Devices



Disney has announced the release of “Cars: Fast at Lightning” for mobile devices which is inspired by the Disney “Cars” franchise. The racing game was created in partnership with Gameloft and has excellent visuals, gameplay and voice-overs including those from Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen.


The gameplay is clearly targeted at younger children, as you really don’t even need to steer the cars as you race around the track. Rather, you hold down a viral gas pedal and then ease up a bit around the corners. This is a fantastic control scheme for younger kids, but I’m sure that adults or teens would quickly tire with it. It’s interesting that although it has a simple control scheme, it really does work for kids and the title offers additional tasks outside of racing. For example, you can build up Radiator Springs as you play or customize your cars with custom paint jobs. The game is freely available, but it does contain virtual currency. There is a warning that you can’t miss when you first launch the game that warns parents that the game is free but that they should have their settings set up so kids cannot make unwanted purchases within the game.


If you have young kids, you should definitely let them take this game for a spin. There’s a bit more content waiting behind the scenes than you first expect, and I’m sure they’ll enjoy the dialogue in the game and gameplay. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Windows Phone.

Bryan Moore

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