Photo: Great Message From Rowan Blanchard On Flaws


Disney sweetheart Rowan Blanchard took some time recently to post her feelings on flaws. It was in coordination with her “Girl Meets World” episode “Girl Meets Flaws” that premiered on Disney Channel on Friday (October 17, 2014), and her message is such a powerful and excellent one.


#ChooseKindness #BeInspired I wrote something on Twitter/ tumblr the other day about our choose kindness episode, and it kind of goes with the theme: Flaws. I am currently writing this today not only because of the theme of our episode today (bullying/ accepting yourself) but also because it is a theme and lesson that is very important to me. We all have flaws, whether we choose to accept them or not. It is so upsetting that people still choose to tear someone apart because of their flaws, when really that’s what makes that person most human. Even the most popular/ seemingly perfect person has flaws. You do not know what someone has been through, what may have affected them, and what they write in their diary about. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” is a saying that has always made me annoyed. Calling someone stupid when they can’t understand something will stick with them. And calling yourself stupid or bringing yourself down is not good either. Literally everyone has flaws, even Beyonce. I don’t expect you to embrace all of your flaws in this second, but slowing learning to love yourself and all your flaws can help. I know I’m still working on that. 🙂

Take a peek at a “Choose Kindness” video that I posted earlier here.

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