New Baddies (Green Goblin, Ronan, Yondu) Take Over “Disney Infinity”

Ronan, Yondu and Green Goblin in the Disney Infinity Toy Box

Sometimes, like the great line in Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Parade at Walt Disney World that celebrates a variety of Disney Villains, “It’s Good to Be Bad.” Today is such a day as Disney Interactive and Marvel Entertainment have released a few new baddies to the virtual streets of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). Specifically, there are three new villains that Disney Infinity fans are sure to enjoy including Ronan and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis the Green Goblin.

Each of the characters have a few special features about them. Here are some of their details:
Green Goblin: He has his signature Pumpkin Bombs and Electro Shock Gauntlet to battle opponents in both Marvel’s Spider-Man Play Set and the Toy Box (2.0 Edition). Green Goblin also possesses superhuman strength, spectacular jumps, and the ability to charge his bombs into more powerful bolas. He’s definitely a super villain and great fun inside Disney Infinity.


Ronan: Ronan the Accuser, or as you might commonly hear him referred to as simply Ronan, wields the Universal Weapon. He has a powerful arsenal of abilities including cloaking, energy blasts, and superhuman strength. All of the aspects of Ronan are fun, but we particularly enjoy his cloaking abilities inside Disney Infinity.


Yondu: The leader of the outlaw crew known as the Ravagers, Yondu uses his famous whistle-powered flying arrow to devastate his opponents. It’s a very unique weapon and one that is a blast to play within Disney Infinity. He also has excellent combat skills, but the flying arrow is definitely his strongest ally.

We’re posting some great gameplay videos to our YouTube Channel today, and will update this article when finished. In the meantime, here are few videos that give you an idea of the characters.



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