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Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a hit television show from Disney Junior that follows the adventures of young pirates Jake (Sean Ryan Fox), Izzy (Madison Pettis) and Cubby (Jadon Sand) in Never Land. The trio spend much of the time on their ship named Bucky, which is also home to their parrot, Skully. As you might guess, they also come into contact with Smee and Captain Hook quite often in their adventures. The series has been a big hit, and along the way, there have been a few “extra-special” episodes that have been made. Today, we have a chance to look at one such special that is now available on DVD: “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book.”

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“Battle for the Book” first premiered on Disney Junior last fall with the DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment being available since January 6, 2015. The story begins with the Darling children that many of you are probably already familiar with including Wendy (voiced by Maia Mitchell), John (Elliot Reeve), and Michael (Colby Mulgrew). Wendy is reading a book about Peter Pan and thinking about their magical adventures in Never Land. Unfortunately, Captain Hook (Corey Burton) is listening in and decides to steal the book by flying his ship to London. Peter Pan (Adam Wylie) is unable to provide assistance to get the book back, so with the help of Tinkerbell, he sends Jake, Izzy, and Cubby in his place. Jake and his crew need to hurry to get the book back because the longer the children are away from the magical book, they lose memories of the adventures that they’ve recorded in it. We won’t spoil an ending, but I’m sure you’ll guess what ultimately happens.

“Battle for the Book” is an interesting watch for the youngest members of your family, but it’s interesting enough to keep adults’ attention. The overall look is very simple, with nice and crisp colors throughout. It’s exactly what you would want for the intended audience. The environments are visually pleasing, and you’ll find several hidden things in the commentary if you are paying attention when you watch. “Battle for the Book” has a variety of great music that I’m sure your children (and perhaps even you) will enjoy, and the audio is available on the DVD in English, Spanish and French.

For a little less than $15, the DVD provides excellent value with over 140 minutes of total runtime. In addition to “Battle for the Book,” the DVD features several more of the groups adventures and cartoon shorts along with a Checkerboard Bandana Game complete with gold “coins.” The extra episodes are from the third season of the show which is also the current season. The additional episodes are really well done, but we particularly enjoyed the one called “Pirate Genie Tales” that features Jerry O’Connell as a pirate genie that, well… tells tales. We’d recommend this DVD to any fans of Jake and the Never Land Pirates or for those with little ones that have not yet experienced the television show and want to see what it’s all about.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of this movie. All opinions are our own.

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