“Disney Infinity” Reunites Aladdin and Jasmine Just in Time for Valentines Day


I’m not sure if the timing was actually intentional, but it’s definitely working out very well. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Disney Interactive is releasing the new Jasmine figure. If you happen to own the Aladdin figure, you can reunite the couple inside the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Mode. If you don’t, we’d recommend purchasing the “Aladdin Toy Box Pack” as it includes several additional goodies including:

  • (1) Jasmine Disney Infinity figure
  • (1) Aladdin Disney Infinity figure
  • (2) Aladdin-themed Power Discs – “Jasmine’s Palace View” and “The Sands of Agrabah”


We have a couple of videos below with details about Jasmine (seen in the image above with Phineas, Ferb and Aladdin), but we’ll mention a few things that make her a great character to play with. For staters, Jasmine has some amazing acrobatic abilities, and a very special magic carpet that helps her summon desert winds to keep her enemies at bay. Along with Aladdin, Jasmine joins a variety of Disney fan favorites, Marvel Super Heroes along with hundreds of themed items, locations, props, vehicles and more to create all-new adventures born from the imagination of players.

The Aladdin Toy Box Pack is available at retail stores starting today, February 3, 2014.

Bryan Moore

Bryan is a theme park and coaster enthusiast. He enjoys spending time at his favorite parks in Central Florida: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition to theme parks, Bryan enjoys movies and gaming.

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