Laura Marano Talked With Teenplicity About “Austin & Ally” & Touring March 2015


Laura Marano had a chance to chat with Teenplicity about playing Ally on her hit Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally.”

I picked a couple of Miss Laura’s responses about the show, and I found that she also spoke about touring this year! Very cool!! Did you know about this??

Check it out:

Teenplicity: We know this is the final season of Austin & Ally, so if you could write any storyline for your character Ally, what would it be?

Laura said:

If I could write any storyline for Ally, I would have her write and perform with Paul McCartney–because if Paul was on our show, I would die in the best way possible.

Teenplicity: How has Ally’s growth as a character impacted you?

Laura replied:

I relate to Ally’s growth as a character quite a lot actually. Not only do I relate to Ally so much when it comes to her personality, but I completely connect with her musical journey. Even though I have always been writing music, I definitely have become much more confident with my music over the years, just like Ally has. I love the fact that she has not only inspired me, but really motivated shy kids who watch the show to come out of their shell and pursue what they are passionate about.

Teenplicity: You’re starting your tour later on this year, are there any fun secrets or plans that you’re willing to share with us?

Miss Laura answered:

I don’t want to give much away, except to expect me to definitely be playing piano with a band!

Amazing!!! We hope that she has lots of fun!

Read the full interview at the source.

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