Debby Ryan Answered A Fan’s Question About Her Abusive Friendship March 11, 2015


Debby Ryan is smiling and happy in this pic that she shared while on vacation overseas.

The “Jessie” star posted this pic of herself on the beach on Wednesday (March 11, 2015) and typed this note:

Always dressed for adventure; never dressed for the beach || #AdventureInColour

Be sure to check her Instagram for more nice pics of her trip!

Prior to leaving for her trip, Debby shared her story with Seventeen Magazine of being in an abusive friendship. While spending time in Australia, Miss Debby wanted to be clear on the details. A fan wanted to be sure it wasn’t her former boyfriend Josh Dun.

She had this to say with a link to her Tumblr account:

A fan asked:

sonnyforpresident asked: hey Debby if Josh actually was the one who abused you (i know you said it wasn’t him but i just need to be positive) then do you think you could tell us? I love Josh and Tyler but if I knew one of them was abusive I feel like I would lose a lot of respect for the band

Debby replied:

Joshua would never lay a hand on a woman. He’s too much of a real man for that. He helped get that out of my life, and heal my heart, and never made me feel too scarred to love.

You have every reason to support him and that band, and especially cuz the music’s legendary (;

You can also read what Debby told Seventeen Magazine here:

People hear about dating violence or dating abuse and think that it’s something that happens to other people, not to them. You may not know it’s happening to you until it’s too late.

For me, it got too far. I didn’t realize it was happening to me until I was being locked in rooms and having my phone thrown at me by a friend. I wasn’t even dating the guy – it was an emotionally abusive friendship. The guy who was being abusive was punching the wall, screaming at me, throwing his phone at me, and storming out.

In situations like this, [the abuser] might cry and apologize and say they love you and it’s only because they love you that they do these things.

But I finally realized that those things don’t add up.

It’s really important to have people to talk to. I had my best friend Emma, and at the same time I was falling in love with Joshua [Dun, her former boyfriend]. Joshua said, “Look, I love that you have your own friends, but I want you to know that it isn’t normal how possessive this guy is over you.” He said, “I’m not even saying this as someone who’s trying to date you, but just has someone who cares about you.” He really fought for me in that situation. It really helped having him and Emma to help get me out of it.

If you don’t have someone like that – if you don’t want to talk to your mom or to a friend – that’s what loveisrespect is. You can send a text message, as many as you need to, and talk to someone real.

In this digital age, it’s hard to know if you’re being manipulated. With the loveisrespect organization that Mary Kay’s campaign is supporting, you can have someone who is our age talk to you, anonymously and confidentially, when you feel nervous. You can ask about yourself or even say, “Hey, my best friend has a new boyfriend and he’s making her check in everywhere she goes. Is this normal?”

When this first happened to me, I thought this was something I should stay silent about, that it was normal. That this was just something that happens when someone loves you a lot. There are so many lies we tell ourselves to normalize it and make it feel okay, but it’s not okay. Loveisrespect can help you figure out what to do.

Read more here about Debby teaming up with Mary Kay.

Details on Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away” program and how you can get help if in an abusive situation.

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