Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios to Receive New Name as Part of Rebranding


Disney’s Chairman and CEO Bob Iger had a few major announcements today (Frozen 2, Star Wars), and amongst them was a new name for Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. This will be the third name the park has had since it opened in 1989, although we don’t know exactly what the new name will be. The rebranding was revealed while Mr. Iger was taking questions during the Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting. It appeared to be an accidental reveal when Mr. Iger was answering questions and a child in the audience asked him about the park name. It seemed as if he noticed his mistake quickly, as he didn’t reveal any other details, and could be heard asking other Disney executives if they “had announced that?”

While it’s hard to guess the new name, it’s quite apparent that Hollywood Studios is in the middle of a rebranding with the removal of the Sorcerer Mickey’s hat from the park earlier this year and the closings of the “Backlot Tour” attraction and “American Idol” show. “The Great Movie Ride” is scheduled for an upgrade with a  new partnership with Turner Classic Movies. There are rumors of additional expansion of Pixar attractions in the park along with Star Wars.

Bryan Moore

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