EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Marie Garcia Talked With Us About “Liv And Maddie” & Finding Out She Was Pre-Diabetic March 2015


We LOVE watching Jessica Marie Garcia play Willow on Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie,” and when we were given the opportunity to interview her, we were absolutely thrilled!!!

Miss Jessica talked about how she felt when she found about being cast on “Liv and Maddie,” what it is like working with the cast and she shared her story of finding out she was pre-Diabetic.


Dis411: How did you get started in acting and what do you enjoy most about it?

Jessica: I have wanted to be an actor since I was a little kid. I always would pretend I was acting out plays in front of my stuffed animals. When I told my mom I wanted to act, she gave me copies of all her favorite movies with strong lead actresses and it fueled my passion for it even more. I just love where movies and tv shows take the audience. Being able to take people away from their everyday lives,into a different world is an incredible gift and I want to be a part of making that happen.

Dis411: How did you react when you found out you would be working on a Disney Channel show?

Jessica: I freaked out! It was right around my birthday and I couldn’t imagine a better gift. Being on Disney is a dream of mine since I was a kid! I’m from Orlando- Disney is in my blood!

Dis411: What is it like working with Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg and the rest of the “Liv and Maddie” cast?

Jessica: Well, I’d be lying if I said it’s work. We have such a blast on set. We have all really become a family. It is so funny to see the fans react when Joey and I are seen out together. They literally freak out! “He’s hanging out with you!?” “He’s not running away!” It is hilarious.

Dis411: How would you describe Willow, and how are you similar to her?

Jessica: Willow is sassy,tough, and so loving. She may be a lot louder than me, but her and I are both tough cookies. She wears her heart on her sleeve and I would like to think that I do as well. Traits her and I definitely share, are our love of sports and our loyalty to our friends.

Dis411: It is so great seeing all of the fun behind the scenes pictures of you and the cast working together. Can you share any behind the scenes moments of working on “Liv and Maddie?”

Jessica: There are so many great moments when filming with these goofballs! One of my favorite moments are when Dove breaks out her hip hop skills, and just starts rapping. SHE IS REALLY GOOD! Like scary good! I also LOVE when Joey and Tenzing have scenes together. They are truly brothers! They are inseparable on set, it’s the cutest thing. They are always causing tons of hysterical mischief! They love to pull pranks on everyone! Emmy and Shelby are always the best ones to prank, because they have the best reactions!

Dis411: So many people have been inspired by your character on “Liv and Maddie.” How does that make you feel?

Jessica: I am just so blessed to be a part of this show. So hearing that I have inspired anyone is unreal. I was given such a gift, when I got Willow. She has really helped me to be a stronger person with her courage, loyalty, and vulnerability. I love playing her so much, so knowing others support and see themselves in her, is incredible for me.

Dis411: We have heard that you have a very personal story about being diagnosed as pre-Diabetic. Can you share with our readers how that has impacted your life, and what advice would you give to others who are going through this.

Jessica: Of course! I started my weight loss journey about two years ago now. I found out that I was pre-Diabetic, and it rocked my world. I had no idea. After the shock, I told myself how blessed I was, that I was in a position to reverse my diagnosis with diet and exercise, and couldn’t take that for granted. My first step was educating myself on nutrition. This is the best advice I could give anyone. I didn’t care what I ate, I had no idea what I was putting into my body and that was unacceptable. I started researching healthy recipes and how to cook them, and am now a pretty great cook, if I do say so myself! Exercise is another huge part of losing weight. I was such a couch potato! I used to sit on the couch and binge watch my favorite shows for hours, and then realize I wasted the whole day. I started waking up everyday and dedicating at least 30 minutes to yoga or pilates. I have lost 70 lbs and feel amazing. The most important thing is that you never forget that your worth the effort and the hard work.

Dis411: If you could pick anyone past or present to work with, who would it be?

Jessica: Elizabeth Taylor. She has been my inspiration since I was a little girl. I grew up watching her movies and fawning over her talent and beauty. Being able to have worked with her would be a magical experience, that I wish I could have had.

Dis411: What kinds of things do you like to do when you are not working on the show.

Jessica: I love to work and rehearse for my scene study class. I have been taking the same acting class for 7 years and I love it so much. I also love going out with my friends! We love to go to the beach, go to old record stores, and go anywhere with delicious food! I also love to write movies of my own. Hopefully soon you can see one!

Dis411: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Jessica: Since I was a little kid, I’ve had a deep fascination with ancient Egypt. It is on my bucket list to go and ride a camel!

Dis411: Do you have any other upcoming projects that can you tell us about?

Jessica: I am currently writing, directing and starring in my first short film! Would like to have it filmed by the end of this year! fingers crossed!

Dis411: Please let our readers know of your social media accounts, so that they can follow you there.

Twitter- @JessMarieGarcia
Instagram- jess_m_garcia
Facebook- Jessica Marie Garcia Fan Page

THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxo

Thank you, Jessica!!! We totally enjoyed this interview. We wish you the best, and look forward to seeing you in upcoming episodes of “Liv and Maddie!”

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