“Disney Infinity” Adds Boba Fett


Disney Interactive, Lucasfilm and Sony announced a major new addition to Disney Infinity, and if you’re a fan of Star Wars, it’s likely one of your favorite characters: Boba Fett. The bounty hunter will be available as a Playstation exclusive through the holidays, as the Star Wars Saga Starter Pack for PlayStation 3 and 4 will be the only place that you can play as Boba Fett in Disney Infinity 3.0 during the exclusive period. It will allow fans to get the Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set nearly a month before it hits store shelves for other platforms. The Rise Against the Empire Play Set covers the period of time between Episodes IV-VI and includes a number of classic Star Wars characters.  The new official trailer for the Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Play Set is below.

Boba Fett is undoubtedly one of the most popular Star Wars characters and will use his considerable martial arts skills and blaster rifle to track down his bounties. Instantly playable in the updated and enhanced Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box, Boba Fett is also unlockable in all of the Star Wars Play Sets. He’s certain to be one of the most popular characters available for Disney Infinity 3.0. Another member of Dis411 had a chance to try out Disney Infinity 3.0and we can’t wait to see what Disney Interactive has planned next.



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