Photos: Disney Stars’ Happy Father’s Day Messages June 21, 2015


What a nice day that I had yesterday celebrating Father’s Day with my husband and family. So great!! I hope that all of you enjoyed time with the father figures in your life.

Some of the Disney stars took to their social media accounts to wish their dads a Happy Father’s Day, and it was so beautiful reading the nice messages and seeing all of the great pictures.

Plus, see last year’s messages here.


Sofia Carson from Disney’s “Descendants” shared this pic and typed:

There is nothing that I love more than being your daughter, Papi. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Happy Father’s Day I love you with every inch of my heart, Tu Muñequita


Laura Marano (“Austin & Ally”) posted this photo and left her thoughts on how grateful that she and her sister Vanessa Marano are to have a great dad:

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the amazing fathers out there! My sister and I are lucky to have such a wonderful father in our lives; the kind of father who inspires us, constantly cooks for us (and the food is like AMAZING), and keeps the silly gifts we gave him many Fathers’ Days ago


August Maturo (“Girl Meets World”) and Ocean Maturo were doing a little fishing in this pic with their dad.

The note with this pic said:

Fishing for crayfish with daddy. Happy Father’s Day to the best of the best.


Sabrina Carpenter from “Girl Meets World” shared this little video below and had this to say about her dad David Carpenter:

Happy Father’s Day to my main Tubby. Been there for me through everything from day one. I love you dadda @dacar61


“Lab Rats: Bionic Island” actress Kelli Berglund and her dad look so nice together in this snapshot.

Kelli wrote:

Papa B, you’re one of a kind & I couldn’t be happier to celebrate you today and everyday. You spread love everywhere you go, and I’m most positive everyone would agree. Thank you for being the best dad a girl could ask for..Love you more than you know! x


Veronica Dunne from “K.C. Undercover” talked about her wonderful dad:

It runs in the family…Happy Father’s Day to the goofiest Dad any girl could ask for Love you Pops


Sabrina’s sister Sarah Carpenter shared this nice photo collage and thanked her dad for being there for her:

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest of the Dad’s, clearly I’ve taught you well. Bout to get sappy, but thank you for always being there for me and making me laugh and just being so dependable. You are the reason I am who I am and you deserve so much praise. Love you lots, Daddio @dacar61


“Liv and Maddie” star Joey Bragg posted a picture of his dad and wrote:

Sadly, I don’t see my dad nearly as much as I want/need to. He supported me through all of my various aspirations no matter how new or stupid they were. Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be a world class traceur, wouldn’t be able to solve TWO types of Rubix cubes, and more importantly wouldn’t be able to tell jokes. (I know it was half you, Mom but your day was last month.) I love you, Dad. Happy Fathers Day.


Super nice pic from Miranda May (“BUNK’D”), and she said:

Happy Father’s Day to this goofball! He’s been through a lot but that smile never goes away. I love you, Dad!


Murray Rundus from “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything” is so thankful for the support his dad gives him:

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! He has helped me SO MUCH throughout my life and has given me tons of support with my acting career. Have a wonderful day dad! #fathersday #bestdad


Olivia Holt (“I Didn’t Do It”) had such sweet things to say about her dad:

THIS FREAKING GUY. Dad, you find the good and the funny in every situation, the moment you meet somebody you’re instantly buddy-buddy with them, and your hair maintenance is something we all know you can never let go of. But most importantly, you’re a dad who’s got a daughter who loves him with her whole heart. Happy Father’s Day, ya rockstar that knows it.


Little G Hannelius with her dad. Adorable!

She said:

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest guy in my life– you are so supportive, you always make me laugh and smile, and you are always there for me in the biggest ways. I love you to the moon forever and always papa nooka


“Jessie” star Cameron Boyce wrote about how his dad Victor Boyce has encouraged him to aim for his goals:

I recently watched home video of my dad and I when I was about 3 years old. I was playing on a toy basketball rim. I tried to dunk the ball, and when I put the ball in the hoop it rolled around a bit and fell in. I expected everyone to clap in the video and congratulate three year old me on making the dunk. Instead my Dad said, “What was that?! You can do better!” So I grabbed the ball again, and this time threw the ball straight in. Thanks to @thevictorboyce for ALWAYS pushing me to be the best version of myself. Love you #youbig #happyfathersday


These pictures of Peyton List and her dad are so great!

The “Jessie” and “BUNK’D” starlet said:

Happy Father’s Day Papa. I know you won’t see this since you don’t believe in social media, but thanks for embracing the goofball in all of us and being supportive of everything I do. Love you dad


Gus Kamp (“Best Friends Whenever”) was appreciative to his dad:

Day selfie with my awesome dad. You bore and nurtured my comedic ability and for that I will always be thankful. Keep being funny and all that. Love you dad.


Super sweet photo of Zendaya and her dad when she was a baby! Miss Z wrote about her love for him:

This picture speaks for itself….I love you so much daddy and I’m so thankful for you.


Karan Brar (“Jessie”) and his dad together. So great!

Karan said:

Like father like son. Happy Father’s Day dad, love you.


Paris Berelc (“Mighty Med”) said to her dad:

Happy Father’s Day 🙂 I love youuu daddd

Jake Short (“Mighty Med”) tweeted:

Bradley Steven Perry (“Mighty Med”) typed:

Blake Michael from “Dog With A Blog” said:


Felix Avitia (“Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything”) talked about his dad:

Thank you papa for always being there for me and guiding me along my path. You have always been in my corner giving me love and support whenever I needed it. You are my best friend and I thank you for everything! My dad once told me that there will always be negative things around you but don’t focus on that. Focus on the positive things in life. So today I focus on my dad. Happy Father’s Day!!!


“Austin & Ally” actor Calum Worthy posted this picture and wrote:

#HappyFathersDay Dad


Nathan Arenas (“BUNK’D”) typed:

Happy fathers day dad! You’ve helped me throughout my life…..I am happy that you are my dad!!!!


Trinitee Stokes (“K.C. Undercover”) was with her dad at Disneyland Resort in this pic, and she said:

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


Tyrel Jackson Williams from “Lab Rats: Bionic Island” shared this message with his picture:

Spent all day trying to choose which photo would make my dad look most like the cool dude he is. I think I found it. #HappyFather’sDay #ShakenNotStirred


Kamil McFadden wanted to thank his mom for all the support, as she is a single parent:

Happy Father’s Day to my beautiful mama! #SingleMom #ShesTheRealMVP

One common thread in all of the posts – LOVE. Such an amazing thing!!!!

Photo source: Instagram and Twitter

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