Photo: Olivia Holt Shared Her Thoughts On Performance In Utah July 6, 2015


Olivia Holt wrote such an eloquent message with this Instagrammed photo above on Monday (July 6, 2015).

The Disney actress had performed in Utah on the 4th of July, and you can feel the overwhelming joy for the whole experience.

Miss Holt said:

This weekend was an absolute dream.

To be surrounded by a stadium full of people with such light and energy, to play with a band with more integrity and talent roaming throughout their beautiful beings than I’ve ever seen, and to have friends and family watching every moment happen so delicately, was legitimately the greatest experience I’ve had by far.
I want to be able to describe every moment I felt on stage that left my heart beating out of my chest, my smile so big I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore, and me, recognizing that that’s exactly where I wanted to be. But I think I’ll leave these moments on that stage for now.
Provo, Utah you reached my heart. Thank you for having me. Nothing will ever come close to the moments you gave me.


So great! We are thrilled for her and hope that she will have many more performances like that one in her future.

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