Teen Game Review: “Madden 16” Xbox One


FINALLY, it’s Madden season! Always happy when Electronic Arts releases these, as it is one of, if not my favorite times of the year. So many great sports titles come around, not even to mention all of the sporting events also but no, this is about Madden 16. To be honest, I hadn’t played Madden 15 much, didn’t really get into football as much last year for whatever reason, and I have been very excited for the release this year more than ever. With all of the new improvements they have added like Draft Champions, which I will discuss shortly, and all of the new passing/receiving controls, I will get right into it!


To start things off, I would like to discuss Draft Champions, as I literally just mentioned that. Draft Champions is a new mode added into Madden 16 (it is also going to be in Fifa 16, instead named Fifa Ultimate Team Draft) which takes the cards from Ultimate Team, which is probably my favorite mode still, and you get to draft them into a team to play against either the CPU or Head-To-Head. As quick information for Ultimate Team, if you take Franchise mode and made a team that is around 60 overall, so below-average players, and start with those as you build further and further up your team, that is what Ultimate Team is all about. For instance, if you wanted to obtain say Antonio Brown, he would be one of the most expensive players to get, so you would have to put in a lot of hours to get such a player. Coins are the main currency used in it, and you can only get coins from inside the Ultimate Team game mode. You can get Draft Champions Badges to use in your Ultimate Team, which can be put towards elite players (the best of the best).


Once you understand all of that, which really isn’t too complicated, you should be ready to tryout Draft Champions. You start off by getting to draft your head coach, which sets the basis for your team chemistry, so if you wanted to go for more of an old school style of play, maybe you take Ground and Pound and Run Stuff. The chemistry styles, at least I would suggest, you SHOULD follow, even though it is very possible you get one of your favorite players that aren’t even close to what you are trying to run which, I will admit, happens to me every time so far. The first couple of picks are some of the best you will see throughout the 15 picks, although it is fairly random. Once you get your 14th pick, you will be able to pick from 3 flashback cards, in most cases are very legendary personalities on and off the field. I would also suggest to focus on offense more than defense, even though so far I am way better defensively, you would want to have a couple of play makers instead of (in no offense to said player) a 72 overall receiver.


I could talk about Ultimate Team and Draft Champions all day, but there is quite a bit more you should know about this game than just that. The upgrades in the Franchise mode are incredible. I absolutely cannot say enough how much I love the new menus in the mode, including your main menu screen. It is fresh and very easy to navigate, much easier to get to what you are looking for. Now, back to Franchise. The experience system has been added many more things to do with your players, adding an insanely close to MMO type feel. On every drive you get a challenge to accomplish be it, throw a touchdown or complete 5 passes on this drive. You get a bonus in experience points towards which player those said accomplishments are for, which go towards leveling up the stats you want him to level up. I almost forgot to mention the season goals, weekly goals and milestone goals. Worth noting, the goals are without a doubt the best way to get those player’s higher overall and becoming the greatest in the world. It’s incredible that just 3 years ago this was set in stone that this was the way the future would be, just to see it like it is today, is nothing short of awesome.


The new passing and catching buttons and animations are beautiful. You can now, instead of just your base bullet pass and lob pass, throw it a little lower or higher, which is a perfect new addition to the realistic feel. I can, even only playing about 15 games, pass it just where I want it, as if i’m the quarterback myself. Catching the ball is just the same, you can either attempt to aggressively catch it, try to receive it and be able to head up the field a little faster, or you can just straight up make sure you get it into your hands. So far, the aggressive catch is all I do, not even because it works very well so far, but because it is the base Y button, which has been catch throughout every Madden, or football game, I have ever played. Just a force of habit to press Y. Nonetheless the other catches honestly help more than you really would think. If its a screen play, for instance, I highly doubt you want to make sure you catch the ball, or go up one handed with it, you wanna get that as fast as you can and take it as far as you can.


WITHOUT A DOUBT,¬†this is my favorite Madden and any other football game I have ever set my eyes upon. It is single-handedly the most realistic experience out there today, it feels like you are on the field from start to finish. Very happy the EA Trax has returned obviously, not that I dislike just the standard background music which, was quite good, I love music and really missed it being in the game. I barely have my feet wet so far with this game and I have already enjoyed it as if its been here for years. Really, really would suggest getting this game. If you are any sort of football fan, you for sure should get it as you won’t be disappointed.

Clayton Crooks III

Clayton Crooks III (aka Ghost) is a regular contributor to the game section of Dis411. He enjoys watching his favorite teams (Lakers, Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and TN Volunteers), playing video games, traveling to Walt Disney World and playing with his two cats: Cassie and Sylvester.

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