Teen Game Review: “Disney Infinity 3.0” PS4


I honestly cannot believe how fast Disney Infinity 3.0 has gotten here. It seems like yesterday I was as excited as ever to see they were adding Star Wars into their collection of games. Disney Infinity has grown into one of the more noticeable games on the market today, as well it should. Its ingenious way of letting the player build or try to conjure up whatever they want is remarkably effective. That’s not even to mention the wonderful masterpieces that are the playsets, basically it’s version of a single player, which is just as good as attempting to create it yourself. I absolutely have loved, and try to play as much as I can, Disney Infinity, with 2.0 being my favorite version until now. It’s 3.0 for a reason and that reason would be, well you should be able to figure out it, but just in case you can’t, I will do it for you. STAR. WARS.


Any excuse I get to talk about Star Wars is a great excuse in my book. I cannot tell you how many times I completed Lego Star Wars alone, not even including Battlefront’s 1 and 2, not even mentioning the new one coming out (would get off topic then). For starters, if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of the monstrous franchise that Lucasarts has created through the years. I have loved it for more years than I can remember. At this point, I am thrilled to be able to enjoy it again with this game.

The intro sequences in the Disney Infinity games are always enjoyable, this one is no slouch. You start off as Anakin having to get to a probe droid, it’s way of getting counter-intelligence. He jumps downward to other buildings across (what seems to be) Coruscant, one of the many planets reachable on this game. As you learn most of the controls, which they are very easy to pick up and play at any point, you then transition to the Millennium Falcon in space, yes, space. The space battle areas very much remind me of Lego Star Wars. Having already mentioned that, probably because it is Star Wars is why it reminds me of it, it just seems to play, feel and look like it.


Dodging asteroids has never been so fun! Shooting at tie fighters makes it 5x better, as you try to not get eaten by that one monster that no one knows the name of from Episode V (had to look it up myself, it is actually called a Exogorth. I would not have guessed that). The detail to everything including the background is remarkable. It is so appealing to the eyes that I find myself not wanting to look away at any point.

After that, you get to see a part of the world from Inside Out. There really isn’t much to say here as you don’t do too much but, I would like to mention, it was quite fun carrying around Anger. You then transition into a race that Minnie and Mickey Mouse are in. Amazing how different the introduction gets and how well they are thought up. Once you complete that, you get into the ToyBox Hub, the main center for everything possible. I wanted to also quick note the music is so incredibly well placed that is makes the game so much better than it was before, it just adds on to the experience.


I had to walk around the Hub of course, but I was so eager to pop on the Twilight of the Republic that I couldn’t help myself. Starting it up, you get an intro scene just like any other Star Wars movie, the space scene with the text running at an angle up into the outer reaches. Lovely scene indeed and to be honest, I did get chills, the music just gets me too easily these days. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Master Yoda himself are all seen on a republic ship on the war-torn planet that is Geonosis. The fighting system is wonderfully done, such an improvement over the years and is quite good. You can obviously still mash the attack button all you want but you can easily do just as much, if not more, damage taking it into combos or making up your own ways of doing it. Plo Koon is there as well, talking you through the whole mission. Once you get the drawbridge down and talk to Plo, you have to find and stop General Grievous, a common adversary to the Jedi. Running inside the droid factory again is awesome, one of my favorite areas in the entire game for sure.


You actually get to fight off droids, getting past those are no easy task indeed. Using your skill tree is more important this time around as well. I saw myself having to use them to get past some enemies, which is good, the game is functioning the way it should be. Gives it a great feel upgrading your player, learning new abilities and combos. Almost forgot to mention how wonderful the animations look. The talking is synced so perfect and the movements look spot on, you couldn’t get it better if you tried. You finally reach it to Grievous, you get to fight him in a boss battle seen in many games. A long health bar at the top part of the screen and moves you have to wary of. His move set, which I couldn’t tell you them all if I wanted to as he has quite a few, but being a quick learner will help in this case. Playing with 2 players here is a huge advantage as you can attack him from behind if he isn’t paying attention to you, being able to do supreme damage. Even then, he will do some erratic things which is awesome as seeing you don’t want it to be easy, that would be too easy. Fighting him though without a doubt, was the best battle sequence I have had so far in Disney Infinity.


Reaching Coruscant was such a thrill for me, and is for sure on my “Favorite planets to roam” list. Being able to see the council and how well the whole area is put together is wonderful. You actually get to talk to Padme once you get through talking to the council. Walking out of the building, Master Yoda senses someone is watching you, and obviously never doubt Yoda’s skills, as there is someone there, Cad Bane to be exact. You recovered a droid on Geonosis and brought it back to help retrieve intel that could be important for the Republic to know about, but Cad has other thoughts. He throws a smoke screen from his speeder. One thing leads to another, and you have to chase him down with your speeder, flying within the high traffic areas. Intense action nonetheless, you must be sure to follow Bane and make sure he doesn’t get away. After a while of chasing him he has to abandon his vehicle as, well, it really isn’t working at this point. You have to go through the streets, beating up “scum” and making sure you don’t lose track of Cad. He almost gets away, but you finally corner him. He drops the droids head and Ashoka miraculously gets it, with thanks to the Force. Even though he gets away, all is safe in Coroscant, for now.


That’s just the start to this incredible game. I didn’t even get to the ToyBox which isn’t really my forte anyways. It’s additions are very well done also obviously, again, version 3.0 is 3.0 for a reason. I do not see how you could possibly become upset or even the slightest boredness (not a word) with just how much you can do in this game. It’s a great game to play with your family, whether that be you and your son, you and your dad, heck even your mom could enjoy it, just depends on who you want to play it with. I cannot even describe how well put together this game is and once you get it for yourself, you will be saying the same. No contest compared to games in it’s genre. Actually, now that I think about it, there are NO games like Disney Infinity, it has created it’s own separate reality of playing that is unreachable to others near it. I would highly suggest getting it, I don’t see myself stopping to play it any time soon and can 100%, honestly say, Star Wars and Disney Infinity might possibly be the best combination created since the sandwich, it’s that good.

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Disney Infinity 3.0




Music / Sound Effects









  • Replay value
  • First Star Wars Play Set
  • Huge option of characters from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars


  • Occasional glitches with camera

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