Teen Game Review: “FIFA 16” Xbox One


For the last two years my favorite game and franchise has been FIFA. I started enjoying soccer more and more over that timeframe and now cannot stop myself from continuously playing this game 24/7 everyday (Is that mathematically possible?). I cannot get enough of it, and this year is no different again. I already have clocked too many hours that I to care to admit at this point. Different year, different game. Thank you, Electronic Arts, I needed this back!


For starters, FIFA is the main soccer game for most people. It has seen A LOT of changes this year that I myself cannot believe how much of a separation from FIFA 15 it truly is. The gameplay mechanics are so great, so much more realistic that you forget how the previous version felt. That’s not to say FIFA 15 was unrealistic, but it had its flaws, as does every other game. Not possible to make it perfect, but I don’t see how you can get any closer to perfection. You can’t just go in and do skill moves (Erm, I mean, you CAN, but I wouldn’t do that now) and expect to be able to score so easily as it once was. The long shots are totally different and thankfully that is the case. Sometimes in 15, you would lose 4-3 in a game where the only goals you allowed were outside 25 feet, and that should not happen more than once or twice through 100 games, and it happened more than you would think. The long shots now are much more, I would use the word, grounded. A lot more realistic of a feel for sure, and you will have to experience it for yourself, or watch a video of it to understand how much of an improvement it is. Like I said already, the skill moves, not as if they should be used or not, but I personally see myself going back to my old school days of using USA and only passing and shooting, nothing more. You can do it the way you want, but there’s nothing better than completing 20+ passes and getting that one through ball into Dempsey’s feet and him just smashing it top corner, can’t get any better than that.


Pro Clubs has relatively stayed the same, but of course, I am here to talk to everyone, be it newcomers or hardcore fans of the series. Pro Clubs is my personal favorite mode in FIFA; has been for a while now. Take Career mode and make yourself a player. Got that? Okay, now take his overall and make it around 78. That is around the average for a starting Pro Clubs player. Once you have that done, and understanding of it, you get to play against other players and play with players on your team. Up to 11-11, so yes, the whole pitch with a human playing each position. It can be tricky once you get past 5 people. I myself enjoy playing with 3 or 4 at a time as to not get too complicated, but it is very fun nonetheless. You can switch to whatever position you want at any time and maybe you want to try out being 5’5, whatever you want to do, the game allows you to try out different methods. There are two modes in Pro Clubs: Drop-In Matches and Club Matches. Drop-In Matches is just how it sounds, you get to play up to 5 on 5 with totally random players from around the world to show off who has the best talent. I would suggest only playing these here or there as some people can get REALLY ball-hoggish, and they will only do things like skills moves or shoot terrible shots. Really frustrating these players, but you cannot do anything about and that is why I would HIGHLY suggest, again, to get a couple of friends or make some friends from a forum, or even Drop-In Matches, and make yourself a Club. Much more fun that way and hey, maybe someday your Club will be on the Top 100, or even your Pro.


Let’s go to Ultimate team as they have added somewhat of the same mode from Madden 16 into the game, named FUT Draft here instead of Draft Champions. You get one Draft Entry at the start of your Ultimate Team and can purchase another, and as you like, for either 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points (give or take 3 dollars, roughly). 15,000 coins is no easy amount, but if you play FUT enough you can make that much every week, if not more really. Coins is the currency used inside of Ultimate Team, just like Madden 16 again. If you want the best players in the world, you really gotta put time and effort into it. You aren’t going to be able to get Ronaldo or Messi right off the bat, well actually, you sort of can. This year they (depending on your level, which is how much you play the game. I myself am at 63 and have played FIFA 14/15 quite a lot) have added more loan cards, so even if you are a once a week type player, you can try out some really good players for your team for a short amount of time. For instance, Ronaldo’s loan card is only 3 matches. Now that might not seem like a lot to most of you, but TRUST me, if you use him wisely, that can be 3 games won when you wouldn’t have been remotely close to your opponent if you hadn’t used him.


I think I should probably end this off on the note of the Women’s National teams. I have no idea why this wasn’t in the game in past years, or even a long time ago, but better late then never. You can only play against other Women teams, so you cannot just use Manchester City versus Alex Morgan and her World Cup winning USA teammates. The players are also not in Ultimate team, at least not at the moment, but I don’t see them adding them any time soon really. For anyone who is a fan of the International Women teams, then without a doubt you are very happy about this. So far you can only use them in Match Day, Offline Tournaments, Online Tournaments and Online Friendlies.

Well that should about wrap it up. I think if you are a fan of soccer at all, then you have to get this game. It is the most realistic it has ever been BY FAR and can be fun for anyone at any stage in their life. Just like Madden, I don’t see myself stopping any time soon, and I probably will have played 100+ games by the end of next week, if not more. FOR SURE suggesting this game. It is my favorite FIFA now, easily the case. All of the improvements, the graphics are nice, I have always loved the music and you can’t go wrong with learning about maybe lower artists you hadn’t heard before and become their biggest fans. That happened with me and about 5 bands the past couple of years, and probably will have a couple this year also.

Fifa 16




Music / Sound Effects




Replay Ability





  • FUT Draft
  • New Mechanics
  • Realism
  • Women's National Teams


  • Strange Animations Sometimes

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