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Disney is officially launching the first wave of Playmation this October 4th! Playmation is a new way to experience being thrown into the world of Marvel’s Avengers, while saving the world a couple of times of course. This is a system of connected toys and wearables that combines smart technology and Disney storytelling that allows us to run around and play. This Playmation Marvel’s Avengers starter pack starts off at $119.99 and includes 1 Repulsor Gear, 2 Smart Figures (One being Captain America and the other being a villain, in this case, Iron Skull) and 2 Power Activators. The Repulsor Gear is your 1-way ticket to getting this baby off the ground! The set is great for kids 6 years old and up. At the time of this writing, the AvengersNet app for an iOS device is not available. Once it is available, I HIGHLY suggest you download it. It will be available on Android devices shortly too. It helps you in many ways including upgrading your gear, tracking your accomplishments, learning about characters and their storylines and even discovering new adventures for you to explore even more! Also want to mention that you will need to have batteries, 12 AA to be exact. If you decide to get the Prowler Bot, $39.99 retail also available on the 4th, that will tack on another 4 AA batteries. Without me forgetting to mention, they are also releasing 2 sets of Smart Figures (retail value $14.99 each), one Hero and the other Villain. The Hero Smart Figures are Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Falcon and the Hulkbuster, which is quite awesome I might add. The Villain Smart Figures are Ultron Bot and M.O.D.O.K. Just make sure you got those batteries at the ready, and anything else you purchased, and are ready to play!

It’s surprisingly easy (atleast, it was for me and should be for everyone else) to set it up, other than the batteries, of course, which we’ve all had trouble with that at some point or another. The Repulsor Gear which I have seen all across the web and Disney themselves say you should use it on your right forearm. Luckily for me, I already am right handed so that was a given. I really hadn’t tested it out left handed so I cannot say if it works or doesn’t work that way, it seems best if you go right though. Once you think you’ve got it all good and it fits like a glove (or in this case, a big wristband) on your forearm and hand, you should be all good to go and ready to take the next step. When you first turn on one of your Power Activators, if should turn green and then start flashing blue then yellow indicating it is making a connection towards your Repulsor Gear. Quick note, I only used one Power Activator at all times but you can add more if you are looking for a challenge. It is easy to get going, J.A.R.V.I.S guides you through the steps and once he has detected your gear, you’re pretty much ready to get this show on the road!

Exploration Mode is a nice way to get your feet wet, and I personally enjoyed that the most when playing. You get to choose which enemies you come up against by pushing the gold button on the side of the Power Activator. It’s nice learning about the baddies you are coming up against, which is in the app and becomes very helpful at times when you cannot figure out how to get past a certain enemy. You get 25 missions with the starter pack and the app ALSO gives you different missions to play or download for you to play whenever you want. Would suggest, again, you should probably finish the 25 missions you get before doing others, but nonetheless, it really makes no difference. Whatever way you want to play the game, there are no guidelines that you HAVE to follow or anything like that, just enjoy it the way you want to. Cannot express that enough really.

The Smart Figures are a very good addition, and I would say that you for sure should at least have one of them at your disposal. Cap helps out a TON in so many ways that I cannot start to describe of, or even possibly think of how to up to this point. You don’t have to, again, do everything I am saying, you can play by yourself versus the rest of world, that is all fine and dandy with me, just know it would be easier and maybe more enjoyable with a sidekick or two. (or, in the case, you would be the sidekick, depending on the way you are looking at it I guess). It’s a great feeling going out on the frontlines duking it out with Captain America or any of the other characters you have purchased. The Hulkbuster is a very cool additional Smart Figure, and I can’t wait for it to be released. Not sure if it will be able to top Cap for me whatsoever, though.

So far, this has been one of the best hands-on experiences that I have used. Growing up, I would’ve loved to have had this around. I don’t think I would stop playing it, seriously. The playset offers nearly an infinite amount of play time with its free roam play. Although the missions are, I would guess roughly 13 hours to complete, maybe less, maybe more, just depends on what you do with that. I had a mission last almost an hour myself, but that could be because I hid behind the couch scared. Never mind that, actually, for anyone reading this, that didn’t happen or at least that’s what I want you to believe. Thanks. Setting your Repulsor Gear to the Bright Light Mode is something you should probably do in any lighting environment. You could probably get away without using it if you were outside during the day or in a brightly lit house, but you should probably turn it on and keep it that way. Playing outside is quite fun plus you get a totally different experience, and I really cannot say where I enjoy playing it more. You can also play with 2 people using an extra Repulsor Gear. I would also like to say that I had trouble around my Wi-Fi connection and would suggest playing in your living room, kitchen, etc. Just don’t get it too close to things that could interfere with the device. That was really the only problem I had the whole 7 hours or so I was playing it.

Would be great to see this system with Star Wars, Frozen and other Disney favorites in the future too!

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

Marvel's Playmation Starter Pack


Music/Sound Effects




Replay Ability




Overall Experience



  • Can Become VERY Realistic
  • I Love The Sounds
  • J.A.R.V.I.S Is Awesome, Period


  • None That Major

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