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When most people think of the Disney movie Aladdin, the first thing that comes to mind is the over-the-top humor. With that, they often think of the Genie, and the amazing performance provided by the late Robin Williams who was at his best in the role. Interestingly, that wasn’t his only part in the film as he also voiced the street merchant in the opening. There are many things that standout in Aladdin, but the overall quality of the voiceover work really shines. Gilbert Gottfried’s work as Jafar’s sidekick parrot Iago is unmistakable and provides amazing comic-relief while Frank Welker, who is probably best known for his longtime work as the voice of Scooby-Doo, has three roles in the film: Aladdin’s monkey Abu, Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah and the Cave of Wonders. Looking back, that is really an amazing assortment of voice talent and we haven’t even touched on the title character himself, Aladdin (voiced by Scott Weinger) and his love interest, princess Jasmine (voiced by Linda Larkin).



With all of the great voiceover work, it’s amazing that Robin Williams still manages to overshadow the others. It’s not a knock on any of them, they are all fantastic. It’s just that he is really at his best in the film with so many great one-liners, delivered in a way that only he could. I’m sure many remember his great performances in films like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, but personally, I’ll never forget his performance as the Genie where his impersonation skills really shine through. In a matter of minutes, he runs through so many characters that you can hardly keep up. He plays men and women, tough guys like Arnold Schwarzenneger and then he’s Ed Sullivan and then he throws in a little Groucho Marx and Jack Nicholson for some more fun. There is so much going on that even as I write this, I need to go back and watch it again as I know I’m missing so many more (Arsenio Hall, Roberto De Niro, …. and so many more!). If you haven’t seen it lately, you’re really in for a treat — just try to keep up!


It’s been 23 years since it was theatrically released, and Aladdin is still as fun and entertaining as it was back then. There are a few pop culture references that younger viewers may not actually quite understand (i.e., Arsenio Hall references above), but outside of that, the film still works in every way. Along with great voiceover work, you get a great story, music and animation. They are all excellent, and, if I’m not mistaken, I think Jasmine might be the only Disney Princess that isn’t the main character of her film. I couldn’t really think of any others and that’s something I find interesting as well. This is a Blu-ray that should be on the wish list of any Disney fans!


Aladdin Blu-ray Details

Voice Cast: Robin Williams (Jumanji, Night at the Museum) as The Genie, Scott Weinger (TV’s “Full House”) as Aladdin, Linda Larkin as Jasmine, Gilbert Gottfried (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”) as Iago, Jonathan Freeman (Aladdin: the Musical on Broadway) as Jafar, Douglas Seale (Rescuers Down Under, For Love or Money) as Sultan and Frank Welker (Mulan, The Smurfs 2) as Abu.

Producers/ John Musker and Ron Clements (Moana, The Little Mermaid, Hercules)

Writers: Ron Clements and John Musker (Moana, The Little Mermaid, Hercules)
Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4)

Music & Lyrics: Alan Menken – Music (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Howard Ashman – Lyrics (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast), Tim Rice – Lyrics (The Lion King, Evita)

Release Dates: September 29, 2015 (Digital) & October 13, 2015 (Physical)

Product SKUs: Disney Movies Anywhere, Digital HD & SD, Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital) and DVD
Blu-ray & Digital The Genie Outtakes – Robin Williams’ Genie outtakes are magically
Bonus Features: brought to life.

Genie 101 – Our host, Scott Weinger (the voice of Aladdin), takes us through the various transformattions of the famous (and formerly famous) celebrity references of the Genie.

Ron & John: You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me – Directors John Musker & Ron Clements sit down and discuss the experiences of their long-running partnership together at Disney.

Aladdin: Creating Broadway Magic – Join host Darren Criss as we take “a new fantastic point of view” at the story of how Aladdin went from a classic Disney animated film to become Broadway’s smash hit with Composer Alan Menken and others.

Unboxing Aladdin – Our host, Joey Bragg from Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddy, explore the Easter eggs and hidden secrets of Aladdin in this unboxing video.

Classic Bonus – ALL classic bonus from the original DVD release

DMA Exclusive: Deleted Song – “My Finest Hour” – Jafar takes the stage in this never-
Bonus Features: before-seen deleted song. Includes intro from Ron & John. (DMA exclusive)

DVD Bonus Features: Select Classic Bonus, including:
• Deleted Song / “Proud Of Your Boy” (Original Demo Recording)
• Deleted Song / “You Can Count On Me”
• Deleted Song / “Humiliate The Boy”
• Deleted Song / “Why Me”
• Deleted Scene / “Aladdin & Jasmine’s First Meeting”
• Deleted Scene / “Aladdin in the Lap of Luxury”

Ratings: G in US & Canada (bonus materials are not rated)
Feature Run Time: Approximately 91 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1:85:1
Audio: Blu-ray: English 7.1 DTS-HDMA, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital. DVD: English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital.
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Subtitles: English (ESL/SDH), French and Spanish

Disclosure: We received a copy of this movie for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

Aladdin Blu-ray













  • Great voiceover work
  • Robin Williams as the Genie

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