Review: “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner” DVD


If you have youngins’ in your house, and they watch Disney Junior, chances are they have seen Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. It’s a great western-themed musical series starring Mandy Moore (Disney’s Tangled). The series promotes good relationships and manners, and the CGI animation style is very easy on the eyes. We love the fact that it provides some western types of music and environments, our favorite of which has to be the town’s Milkshake Saloon, as every Old West town needs a saloon!

The show is a great introduction to the Old West with Sheriff Callie (voiced by Mandy Moore), a pink cowboy hat wearing Calico Cat leading the way. There’s a whole slew of great characters in the town of Nice and Friendly Corners such as Sparky (Dee Bradley Baker), Sheriff Callie’s horse Deputy Peck (voiced by Lucas Grabeel) a woodpecker and the sheriff’s deputy Clementine (Jessica DiCicco), Deputy Peck’s stubborn mule Uncle Bun (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is the general store owner and is a rabbit Toby (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) is a friendly Saguaro Cactus that helps out in a wide variety of ways and the town’s medical needs are serviced by Doc Quackers (voiced by Jeff Bennett).

It’s been on the air since early 2014, so we were really excited to see the first DVD release from the series. Geared towards children that are approximately preschool aged, the above mentioned characters (and a number that I didn’t mention) are generally very happy. As you might have guessed, every now and then, something happens in the town that causes its residents to have some problems with not getting along. It’s up to Sheriff Callie with help from Deputy Peck and others to solve problems that teach the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners to work hard and get along with one another.

Like the other Disney Junior releases on DVD, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner!, contains a collection of episodes on one DVD. This one happens to have 5 episodes with an air-time of about 2-hours of content. Some of the other releases seem to try to link the episodes into a common theme, but the best I could tell, there really isn’t one specific theme on this DVD outside of the basic themes the show itself offers. Each of the episodes are split into multiple stories. That is, a single episode of the television show has two stories, so the DVD actually contains 10 stories overall. The episodes are:

  • Sparky’s Lucky Day Peck’s Bent Beak
  • Toby the Cowsitter Callie’s Blue Jay Blues
  • The Pie Thief / Fool for Gold
  • Moustache Toby / Doc’s Cheatin’ Chili
  • Train Bandits / A Dirty Dusty Apology

This DVD doesn’t really contain bonus features like extra episodes or behinds the scenes information, but it does include a “Pop-Up Play Set.” It’s a cardboard backdrop that is the town of Nice and Friendly Corners with Six punch-out characters that your kids can play with. It’s a nice addition to the DVD, and I am sure your children would enjoy it. There is also a code for Disney Movie Rewards (75 points) along with previews for Disneynature’s Born in China and Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out.  Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner! is an excellent DVD, and the added Pop-Up Play Set is a nice physical bonus. I’m sure the little cowpokes in your family would love it!

Disclosure: We received a copy of this movie for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

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