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Like many of you, we love the holidays and spending time with our family. We grew up with great TV specials like “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and for sometime now, it has seemed as if there wasn’t really going to be anything new that would live up to the great offerings from the past. Recently, Pixar seems to want to fill the void as they released a new TV special called Toy Story That Time Forgot, not long after their first foray into holiday specials, the Halloween-themed Toy Story of TERRORwhich quickly became one of our favorite Halloween specials! Read on to see why Toy Story That Time Forgot has become a “must watch” in our family for the holiday season.


Toy Story That Time Forgot is directed by Steve Purcell (Brave) and follows the story of Bonnie, an imaginative child that is on an after-Christmas playdate. She leaves her backpack of toys alone at her friends house, and it’s there, that some of our favorite Toy Story characters like Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Rex (Wallace Shawn) and Trixie (Kristen Schaal) are introduced to some new “Prehistoric Battlesaur” toys. Let’s just say, that like their names suggest, the “Battlesaurs” are a little less into “playtime” than their counterparts as they don’t understand that they are actually toys. We’ve seen this theme before in Toy Story movies, and as always, it works! Trixie, the Triceratops, is the real star of this show and she sparks an immediate friendship with another dino, Reptillus Maximus (Kevin McKidd). I should also mention Bonnie’s Christmas tree ornament, Angel Kitty (seen below and voiced by Emma Hudak), as she’s a new character and delivers several great lines.


The great thing about Pixar stories in general, and Toy Story specifically, has been that it can pull adults and children in at the same time. Perhaps it’s our memories from our own childhood, or maybe it’s the way that our children now play with their toys. Whatever the reason, Toy Story manages to make everyone happy, from youngest to oldest, and that’s what really makes this a Blu-ray worth owning. It’s quality family time, and while it’s only 22 minutes, there are some excellent Bonus Features that shine as well. One of our favorites is the animated opening for a fictional TV series called “Battlesaurs.” It has a very cool theme song that kinda makes me think of a retro cartoon series from the ’80’s or ’90’s. There’s an interesting feature that details the creation of the Reptillus character as the animators talk about how they created everything related to it. I’m guessing that many kids will love the karaoke videos as well.


Toy Story That Time Forgot is simply a must-watch during the holidays. It’s colorful, humorous and has everything that we love and have learned to expect from the Toy Story franchise. Thankfully, this won’t be the last we’ll see of Buzz and his friends. Toy Story 4 is currently in development, so we’ll soon have another feature-length film to enjoy, and there’s the huge expansion at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Resort. Who knows, perhaps Pixar will continue to create more holiday films?!? Easter and Thanksgiving could use a new TV Special!


Disclosure: We received a copy of this movie for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

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