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Smurftastic! Had to get one of those smurfy words in there before I started this review, just because of reasons. The Smurfs for Nintendo 3DS, developed by Magic Pockets and published by Ubisoft, puts players into the comic book world of the Smurfs, along with, of course, their favorite characters. What you’ll first notice is that the Smurfs need your help to rebuild their village which they have no clue as to why it was destroyed in the first place (probably Gargamel). To help them along, you play through 12 diverse mini-games, while collecting resources and making sure to stay away from Gargamel’s traps. Before moving on, I do want to say it before you venture on the rest of the review, I didn’t have a bother with 12 mini-games, but they can get a little repetitive, as most things can. If it were 15-20, it may be different to you, I have no clue. For myself, having seen just about any kind of game you possibly can, it doesn’t make the game less enjoyable for sure. That’s the only thing that I would say that could be a problem to some.


In-game, players will be able to build an awesome village, one that would be incredible for Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs. You collect a lot of items obviously to help them along, such things as wood and rocks. You couldn’t build anything from grass, well I mean I guess you could, but that wouldn’t, why did this turn into a building class? Sorry for that, back into, the actual, yeah. The customization is actually quite incredible, it shocked me from just starting to play it. You really do get to do a lot, don’t want to just tell you exactly what’s going to happen, for good reason, but you get to saw logs and nail planks, stuff like that. The mini-games make sure that it uses Nintendo’s 3DS to it’s full potential. My favorite part easily was mixing ingredients while tilting the 3DS and then blowing into the microphone to cool down the product you are working on. It really is a nice touch, one that, like I said, is quite fun to do. I literally just about left out that I love the music and the sound effects in the game. They usually make a game from average to great, especially for me, and in this case, it goes up for sure and helps it tremendously.


Meeting all of the Smurfs, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and while not the smurfiest in the land, Gargamel, was extremely enjoyable. It’s a nice addition that they really do need to have, you cannot have a Smurfs game without the Smurfs, I mean that’s really a given at that point. I talked about the customization slightly above, there is a lot of it, like, a lot of it. You can paint the town (actually a village….) blue if you want. That was sort of a pun, I, most people got that I assume, I just wanted to point it out. I personally like using a random mix of colors in everything that I have ever played with customizable options like this, I have done that. It’s always been really fun for me to do that, can’t really explain why.

Although I may be a tad old for this game, I still was able to enjoy it – quite a bit actually. It’s nice playing games with a little less pace sometimes, there’s literally no stress or anything that concerns you like you gotta do this like this. I mean, again, I do that with every game I have ever played, but that’s just me, gotta do as much as possible in a day. Anyone that is a fan of the movies, comic books or just the Smurfs in general, I think it’d be a must-have for a fan like that. It may not be for everyone, the game obviously is directed towards a younger audience, but much like a lot of things these days, anyone can enjoy it and appreciate it in their own way, or not, I mean that still is your call. I think I would have loved this game if I were younger, easily, and would suggest it if you are a parent looking for a Christmas gift coming up or even an earlier gift for that matter.





Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • The Smurfs, but you knew that already!
  • The characters are great!
  • The sound effects and music fit very well


  • Both really aren't cons but....
  • Is towards a younger audience
  • 12 mini-games may not be enough to some

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