Teen Game Review: “Disney Infinity 3.0” Characters Spot, Hulkbuster, Ultron And Darth Maul PS4


WOO HOO! I cannot remember if I said how much I wanted to use Hulkbuster from the moment I heard it was going to be a character, but, well, now you know for sure, I was SUPER hyped for it, and it was worth it! Since I just mentioned him, I will start talking about Hulkbuster. Now, as you can all imagine, it’s named Hulkbuster for a reason. Tony Stark got real busy with this one, as it is the largest character in Disney Infinity to date! In attempts to stop the Hulk, or, at least, I would assume that is the case, It could very well match up with him. It’s the exact same tank you saw in the second Avengers: Age of Ultron, if anyone watched that, I assume so. I would say it is the same here, you COULD choose Hulk but I mean, a bigger version of Iron Man is pretty darn, um, AWESOME. Although I have loved a LOT of the characters over the years, this one gets into my top 3, probably at 3 actually. He is absolute a monster, basically when you look up the definition of the word “monster,” it will say a Hulkbuster and that’s it.


Ultron, man, he is something. He’s one of the more interesting to me, especially in Disney Infinity 3.0. He can do such massive amounts of damage that it’s shocking. A lot like playing with Iron Man in a way, and his special move, worth noting, brings minions to come and help with him in his fights. A nice way to not take so many enemies head-on and can get you out of a lot if not all situations possible in the game, it helps a ton, and you would have to try it for yourself to understand it entirely. His ranged attack basically a laser cannon, I cannot describe better than a laser cannon, because that’s what it is. The combos he does and his fighting looks really crisp, again, I cannot really describe why, you would have to see it for yourself. They just look really smooth to me. I think if you go and get Hulkbuster, you should get Ultron also. Playing with Ultron and Hulkbuster at the same time…..I think you would automatically win, period.


Spot is from the upcoming new movie “The Good Dinosaur,” I won’t sit and talk about the movie really, but it should be one worth seeing, obviously after getting the figure too. Spot reminds me a lot of Stitch, a ton of blazing fast attacks to take down enemies and doing it with some flair also. Unlike the previous two mentioned characters, which, it’s kind of a given but, Spot cannot fly. Sorry to those who thought that, just, wanted to spoil it before going any further. If you like more melee and maybe even more of a challenge, than sure, go get him. He doesn’t really have a ranged attack of sorts which is kind of disappointing, not surprising just in the same sentence, not what I thought he would be. He’s fun though nonetheless, just like every other Disney Infinity figure I have ever used, but out of these four, the four I am talking about today, Spot would be 4th for me. Again, for those who like more close combat, faster type characters, than he is the one to get for you, just not typically my style. Almost forgot to mention, I also got The Good Dinosaur Power Disc Pack. If you go and get Spot, I would say that getting this helps out a lot. Plus, it’s really awesome to have some dinosaurs to ride on. You get Arlo, who is the main dinosaur you see in the film, an Apatosaurus for those who like dinosaurs as much as I do. Nash, a “tough cattle ranching” T-Rex, I have no idea how he can own his own cattle ranch, especially considering he is a T-Rex, but I mean, I’m happy for him. Jokes aside, probably my favorite of the Power Pack. You also get Butch, who is REALLY devastating to say the least and his daughter Ramsey, who is equally as enjoyable. They all play a little differently, so you would have to figure out which one you like most, I personally would use Nash 24/7 if it were me, with any character. It’s REALLY fun to have a dinosaur.


I could of sworn he got sliced in half…..oh well, Darth Maul now. His lightsaber skills are just as good as any other Sith or Jedi in Disney Infinity, heck, in anything for that matter. His double-sided lightsaber is awesome, one of my favorites, if not favorite, in the entire Star Wars series. His combos are absolutely magnificent looking. I didn’t really talk about the combos as much probably as I would have liked to, but he has the best of these 4, easily, without a doubt. His finisher, also worth mentioning, is one of the more devastating! He throws his special saber towards the enemy, absolutely blasting them out of existence. After thinking about it, that was kind of harsh, but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it. Sorry to those who have been blasted out of existence by Mr. Maul. Any Star Wars fan would have to get him, he’s absolutely a great collectible for you, just like he is to me.

All in all, I think you should try, erm, all of them. I would suggest Hulkbuster or Ultron first, and then Maul and Spot at the bottom. Spot is at the bottom, again, I may not have said this well enough, but basically he is at the bottom because the others are at the top, if that makes any logical sense. What I mean by that is if it were Darth Maul and then, uh, Stitch and Spot in the discussion, Spot would be 2nd then. I think he is better than Stitch, who I mentioned because he is very much the same in a sense, but I liked him more than Stitch and other characters that really aren’t worth mentioning due to the fact that this is about 4 characters and not, 100 of them. I think Maul is pretty awesome, if you are a Star Wars fanatic, you would have to consider him heavily. I think these might be overall the better 4 characters I have yet to try in a group, I really do. Hulkbuster is now my third favorite, Ultron probably would be considered into my top 6, even Maul is awesome and Spot is no slouch either. For anyone wanting to get some more figures under their belt, or to put them on a shelf. I think you would have to try these ones out, they are all must tries.

Clayton Crooks III

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