Teen Game Review: “Star Wars Battlefront” Xbox One


It’s finally here! My most looked forward to game of the year without a doubt was Battlefront and so happy for it to be here. I was worried for a while on how it would be and there are some aspects that do need to be tweaked or fixed, but surely is worth it. Being developed by EA DICE, the same people who made the Battlefield series, it has a lot of great things from those games. I’ve seen a lot of people say that this would basically be a re-skinned version of it, not the case at all. It’s an entirely different feel, maybe because more than not it’s Star Wars. Let’s make a jump to lightspeed!


Booting up the game has a feel like no other. You start by hearing one of the most noticeable themes of all time and the emotions just start getting to you. The main menu is really well done, I’ve never really talked about dashboards in games much, but this one is well worth noting on. I skipped the tutorial (probably wouldn’t suggest unless you are as crazy as me) due to the fact that I wanted to get right into the action. I always start any shooter game with playing the most basic of modes, in this case, named Blast, a 10 v 10 Team Deathmatch mode. It’s nice just to get a feel for the game and that’s what this mode delivers more than anything. It’s probably the most played mode, I would assume at least, in all FPS games. I personally would much rather play a mode with an objective other than just shooting people, like Domination/Conquest. In this case, Supremacy, which has a lot of feels from Conquest. Up to 40 people play in this mode as they fight for 5 control points on the largest maps in the game. Real quick, off-topic somewhat, I loved playing the larger maps by FAR compared to the smaller ones. Although it is quite tricky for newer players, as it is pretty obvious they have a lot more spots to learn and remember. It’s a lot nicer having more of a map to me so that when you go anywhere, there is something going on. No matter what you are doing, you are in the battle someway or somehow. It has both ground and air vehicles, just like Battlefield. I personally don’t use anything in the air, my flying skills are that of a nerf herder on a good day. The ground vehicles are a lot more accommodating for me. My skills on the ground are always one of the best in any game, not trying to brag, but when you got it, you just got it. Using AT-ST’s is without a doubt one of the funnest things to do and would suggest getting it down as it can EASILY turn the tide in your favor.


Before getting into the rest of the modes, gameplay, graphics, ect… I would like to mention that I did not get the chance to play Fighter Squadron. I was honestly worried that I would get absolutely destroyed and probably would have. I’ll get to that mode one day as it looks awesome, once I can be like Anakin at flying, then I’ll get to it. Cargo, a Capture The Flag type mode, is really fun also. The change of pace from Blast to Supremacy to Cargo is astounding. Cargo I would say is probably the fastest paced, PROBABLY, although due to some of the maps being small on Blast, you could argue it would be the fastest feeling. I never was one to enjoy much CTF modes, but this time around, I can say it has been one of my favorites so far. The most interesting mode by a long shot is Droid Run. I cannot recall seeing any mode even remotely like this in any of the FPS games that I have played. 6 v 6, much like Search and Destroy from the Call of Duty franchise, in that case, you need to capture and hold 3 GNK Power Droids or, to the biggest fanatics, the GONK droid. It really combines several game modes into one and is extremely entertaining. I was never able to win one of these actually, through 10 games or so (thanks teammates), but it was very curious to me and still enjoyed it. Drop Zone, much like erm, Drop, Zone. Up to 16 players this time around as you go around finding crashed escape pods, needing to control them. It’s a lot like Demolition except not one sided, either team can capture them at any time and you need to get quite a few to make sure your team gets the all important W. Although it is a REALLY minor gripe, I wish it was 20 instead of 16. Four extra players on this would make it REALLY fun compared to 16, at least to me, is just a little too low for my liking in this case. A really fun pace nonetheless and fun for a mode.

Now the BIG mode that everyone wanted to probably hear about, or at least people talked about, was Walker Assault. From the Beta you could play this mode and it was a hit then and still is now. 20 v 20. If you are on the Empire’s side, you must make sure those Rebel scum don’t destroy your precious AT-ATs as you must go and demolish their objective. On the Rebel side, it is much an obvious look now that I pointed it out, destroy the AT-ATs at any cost, and you better be quick. Those things can fly sometimes. It was really hard in the Beta to win on the Rebel side but they tweaked it a little bit so that it’s basically fair, although I would say it still feels like the Empire wins more than not. It’s nice having a challenge for sure either way around. Trying to defeat one of those walking behemoths is no easy task as you have to call in PLENTY of Y-wings to bomb on their shields. Once their shields are lowered however, you can land quite a bit of damage on them. My all time favorite mode from Battlefront 2 on the original Xbox was the Heroes vs Villains mode. It may not have been called that exactly back then, I cannot remember, but nevertheless, it’s the same thing and it’s exactly what you think it is. Luke, Vader, you name it, they got it. It’s absolutely a different pace compared to any other mode in the game again. I feel, like I said, that a lot so far but there are tons of modes and all of them incredibly different than the other. I cannot see anyone being bored with this game anytime soon, I really can’t. Even without the season pass, you have countless hours to enjoy all of these. The last mode so far available is Hero Hunt, kind of like Heroes vs Villains, but with a twist, a Free For All kind of twist. When you defeat the player that is the Hero/Villain, you become them. It is extremely fun and I find myself playing this mode more than the original one I enjoyed so much in my childhood.


The graphics are the best I have ever seen in any game, period. It’s so realistic that it feels like you were placed into the world (more like worlds) of Star Wars. The experience you get JUST from seeing the game is absolutely stunning. The detail on every tree, every plant, every downed space craft is remarkable. Didn’t even mention how great the music is, the music is great. I mentioned it twice there just to make sure I hit my quota. All of the sounds you loved from the movies, or even the games, are all there. It’s such a wonderful feeling being able to go back and play through, and play forward really, on a Star Wars game. I wanted to mention before wrapping this up that I have one complaint, just one almost major one. The spawning in-game can sometimes be really frustrating. I’ve had it happen far too many times that I have spawned on top or right next to an enemy just chilling out looking at the scenery. However, every time that it’s happened, I seem to get at least an enemy or two, it’s really odd. It’s like the opposing players wouldn’t ever expect you to pop up out of nowhere and get frightened by your presence.

I think, 100%, 10/10, for sure, you have to get this game. The graphics alone make it feel like a movie. I really wish they had a campaign seeing as it honestly would feel like a movie then. Playing a Battlefront game brings back so many great memories, and now I can add on so many great memories. With the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out shortly, this is a MUST HAVE for any Star Wars fan. You can pick up this game, at any time, on any day, even if you haven’t played it in a week or two (highly unlikely you would wait that long to play it again) and be able to jump right in and enjoy it just from where you left off. The nostalgia that you get from this game is the best compared to anything I have ever seen or played and it’s already a classic, even with it being just a mere day old or so.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Visuals aren't 100, they are 200
  • The music and sounds are absolutely brilliant
  • All of the game modes are diverse and enjoyable


  • Spawn system could use some reparing
  • There really isn't a single player/campaign mode

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