Teen Review: Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Gamma Gear Starter Pack & Ultron Prowler Bot


To start this off, I just want to say that I may not go into this as much as I did previously with Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack (original Starter Pack), which you can go look at here. I would highly suggest, obviously if there are some grey areas that you are confused with or have other questions really, to go and look at that as it could be much more helpful for you.


Ever since I started back around the start of October, it’s made me feel like a kid again, like I didn’t behave like a child enough anyways. I’ve loved playing with it as much as any game to come at this year also. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so happy to now have this, the Gamma Gear Starter Pack as well. Been looking forward to it for a while now. I will get into it probably near the end of this, but I also now have a Ultron Prowler Bot, which is flat out awesome too.

Once I saw what was on the front of this Starter Pack, boy I was so hyped. Right from opening the box I wanted to start punching everything in sight. The Gamma Gear itself, a very hulk type slip on to your hands kind of thing, turns you into a one man wrecking crew. Personally, I would suggest taking them off to go sleep, just like you would glasses, but I haven’t been able to. It’s kind of difficult when you start eating food and all, but you can usually figure it out after a while. On a serious note, it’s epic. The word epic probably isn’t the most serious of terms, but I cannot come up with a better statement at the moment, I will get back to you when I do. It has so far made my experience the best of any of the missions I have done, or using the other Starter Pack, using the Gamma Gear is without a doubt amazing. It’s worth mentioning, you also get your first 25 missions with this, which of course, is good. A Power Activator is included, which you will need for a lot of different things like battling enemies, loading your smart figures, etc… Which reminds me, you also get a Loki smart figure to battle. If anyone watched the movie, we all know how Hulk handled Loki, I know for a fact I didn’t do EXACTLY the same as throwing him around, but it sure felt like I did that much.


Now, the Prowler Bot. For anyone it concerns, you do need to have any of the Starter Packs to use this bot, kind of easy if you think about it, but just making sure everyone understands that. Don’t want you go getting one of these and being bummed seeing as it would do no effect other than, maybe turning around a lot. The Prowler Bot will hunt you down with it’s pretty high-tech infrared tracking. It can turn on a dime, so don’t go weary around this thing, you don’t wanna get caught by it. It also has the ability, and uses it to it’s advantage of course, to channel an assortment of enemies and powers to help aid it’s fight against you. Quite vicious really, not only does it go after you, but it calls more enemies to erm, go, after you. It’s a really nice additional thing to get. If you’re considering getting it for your Starter Pack, or just reading about it now here for this one also, I would get it. It makes it a nice challenge and it’s pretty fun actually just watching it roam around and changing colors.

All in all, I’ve, probably said it before, but if I haven’t I will now, I think it’s one of the best gifts that you could give to someone as of right now. It’s really fun for almost anyone, I really do mean anyone. Me being not as much of a child anymore, it really did take me back and made it enjoyable in the process. Now, real quickly, I almost forgot to add the prices on this. The Prowler Bot is retailed at roughly $39.99 and the Gamma Gear Starter Pack is worth $99.99. If you played 10 hours of this, I think it easily is well worth the amount. For that matter, any amount you can spend having some good old fashioned fun, be it with your child or maybe as a friend of someones, or maybe even for yourself. It’s extremely fun, and the it really is almost limitless the amount of playing time you can have and enjoy.

Wanted to mention also that, I have had no serious problems at all with either of these Starter Packs, or the Power Activators, and so on, but I have seen it mess up once or twice if you put it near a networking device. Just be sure to use it in an open area and also make sure that it is a good distance away from any of those types of devices, like a router for instance. Most likely, you won’t have any troubles and most likely, you won’t have those in a spot where it could interfere, just wanted to say that though, just to make sure you have no hassles.

As of today, both of these items are available in stores.

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes. All opinions are our own.


Music/Sound Effects




Replay Ability




Overall Experience



  • You basically become Hulk
  • Beating up Loki
  • Did I say you could become the Hulk?
  • Almost unlimited amount of playing


  • None to which concern me much

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