Teen Game Review: “Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets” 3DS


What can you say about Gravity Falls? It’s Gravity Falls. Honestly, my favorite show at the moment, and actually now might be my favorite show of all time. I’ve loved it since the start and still love it to this day. If anyone ever looks at Twitter, you know how crazy I am about it. All of the characters are great and all of the lines are perfectly placed. I could sit here and talk about Gravity Falls all day, but this is about the game that has come to my attention, actually not that long ago. Somehow it slipped under my radar when it came out and now I have the privilege to review it.

From Ubisoft, Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, to start off, you get to control the mystery twins themselves, Dipper and Mabel. The game itself is that of a more old school 2D side-scroller, but with a lot of 3D touches. It looks great and the detail is very well done, if you ask me. There always seems to be something going on around the screen and is particularly enjoyable to watch. The animation also is a sight to see, as well as the main menu on the bottom of the screen is nice. The huge reason to get the game, if you are a huge fan of the show or not, the dialogue is absolutely amazing. You can probably get a couple of laughs from each one. Some of them are downright hilarious, and I actually find myself chuckling about them from time to time even after the fact. The first mission, or task if you will, Grunkle Stan really wants this strange flying creature that flies by the screen. He said that he would provide a “bucket of chocolate” for the mystery twins, not a bad deal if you ask me. Again though, I cannot express enough, even the text from the start, is incredibly well done. Whoever made these up, you should win like, an award or something.


It kind of stinks, but there really aren’t a ton of hidden references in the game. For instance, Rumble McSkirmish isn’t at all mentioned. Kind of a disappointment, it doesn’t really take AWAY from the game, but it doesn’t add on is why to which makes me a little sad. Luckily though, it still is extremely great. The only other problem I have so far is that, it is quite short. If it was longer, it would be my favorite 3DS game without a doubt. Even so, it is one of my favorites anyways. The story, as the same as the character’s mingling with each other, is absolutely wonderfully well put together. Should probably get to the gameplay now though, seeing as I haven’t really mentioned that yet. You go through many different areas across Gravity Falls, collecting items along the way. You’ve got to use your brain sometimes, solving puzzles and such. I’ve always liked to use my brain anyways, whatever is left of it at least. It’s for sure worth noting that both of the mystery twins have a special power. I am not going to tell you what Dipper’s is. but if anyone has watched the show from the start, the first couple of episodes mainly, Mable had picked out a certain item to which she liked the most. I’ll let you look that up now, if you would like of course.


The collecting aspect of the game is a very strong point of it. There’s a TON, I do really mean a TON of collecting to be had in it. Everyone, if not, most people really want you to get something, and they get the twins to help them find what it is they are looking for. I have seen a couple of people say that the enemies really aren’t the best, but they surely aren’t the worst either. Could they’ve made a couple of more bosses? Sure. Could they have made the enemies a little more difficult and maybe more of a variety? Sure. It never really concerned me, however due to the fact that going into a Gravity Falls video game, I hadn’t really worried about it as much, seeing as fighting enemies a lot wasn’t the reason for me getting this game. The reason I got this game was the fact that it’s Gravity Falls. I’m not watching Gravity Falls for that matter, just for the fighting scenes or spectacular “bosses,” I love the humor and the characters are amazing and that is the case in this game as well. The characters honestly are as spot on as you can be and cannot praise enough of that. It’s turned into one of my favorite 3DS games like I said earlier, if you are a Gravity Falls fan as much as me, which is probably impossible, but if you are, you need to get this game. It’s great even just for the collection for yourself, just to say you have a game of it is great in its own right. With that being said, the game is obviously great also.

If you really haven’t watched Gravity Falls, or haven’t really payed much attention to it, I highly suggest doing so. It’s one of the few shows, one of maybe at most 3 or so cartoons that anyone can enjoy. There are so many great moments in the show and so many hysterical ones as well. You won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee that. This coincides with the game also. You really need to get in on the geniusness of the show and this game. It’s a must have for me, for the future I would also like to say, there’s a lot of potential again. There are quite a few missing points that may make people upset, it’s a little sad but upset would be too strong of a word in this case. Like I said before, it doesn’t take away from the game, it just doesn’t add on. I hope they make more of these types of games in the future as it really is an amazing experience to the hardcore fans like myself to the ones who have just found out about it from a friend and just starting to enjoy it.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • It's, Gravity Falls
  • The dialogue is splendid
  • All of the characters, just like the show, are great
  • Story is great


  • Could use some more characters
  • Not long enough

Clayton Crooks III

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