Teen Game Review: “Disney Infinity 3.0” The Force Awakens Play Set, Characters & Power Disc Pack


It’s been a long time coming for this play set, but it’s surely worth the wait! Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with my quick 10 word no spoiler review of it, it was absolutely incredible, and I highly suggest seeing it. I was so excited for both of these to come out but I’ve got to get to it quickly, I really need to get back to playing it.


For any of you new comers, or just wanting to know somewhat about the characters, here’s your time. I’ll start with Finn, the ex-Stormtrooper himself, and he’s got some fists of fury, even though his main weapon however is a blaster rifle. His mixture of combat choices are very good and I would say he’s got some of the most balanced in that category. Also worth noting that he is very quick on his feet, one of the faster figures I have ever used, his dodges or rolls, however you want to call them, are amazing. It’s always nice to have a nimble character or two. From the movie, and in Disney Infinity now also, Finn is my 2nd favorite character. Speaking of, time to talk about my favorite hero from the story, Rey. Rey is from the planet Jakku, much like Tatooine, but more desolate. She’s not one to back down from a challenge, and you can tell that it is the case at how she’s represented in the game also. Her main weapon of choice is her bow staff, which is equally devastating as any close-quarters weapon I’ve used. She has such wonderful control of it also, all of her moves look great and are so smooth. I didn’t find myself using her blaster pistol that she has, which is great to have also, and is worth noting of course. Like I said previously, Finn is nimble, Rey is also quite nimble herself. Both of them seem to be quick on their feet and both can dish out a ton of damage to any opposing enemies you find on your way, mostly Stormtroopers I would assume.


I don’t really want to talk too much about the gameplay itself, seeing as I don’t want to say something to spoil it for you, but it doesn’t really spoil TOO much of the movie if you find yourself playing it before. I never would suggest playing a movie adaptation before, well, watching the movie, but in this case, it wouldn’t be that severe. You could easily enjoy this without even watching the movie, again, wouldn’t suggest. I loved all of the story, and it’s EASILY my favorite play set NOW. I think I’ve said that a lot. but it’s just so difficult when they keep coming out with these great sets. Jakku is one of the cooler looking planets also, even if it is a whole bunch of, really nothing. It’s sort of war-torn which is really cool to me, I love most of the lore in Star Wars, and I really need to study it more anyways. Literally the entire story is great in it and I was not disappointed one bit, or have any gripes at all. In no offense to games or add-ons to games, but they can’t be perfect, ever really, this is basically the definition of perfect. If you look up perfect in the dictionary I would assume you’d find this play set and Star Wars: The Force Awakens in there.


I want to mention that I also have had the chance to use Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron. Kylo Ren first though, the main grunt force of the First Order himself, has some pretty good force powers. He uses his lightsaber, I would say, very aggressively, much like a Darth Maul. I know some people complained about his lightsaber, with the random looking two pieces of saber jutting out from just above the handle, but to me, it looks absolutely awesome in-game and from the movie. Now I said Rey had some great moves, I don’t know if Kylo has better moves, but boy it is really close. Even though I would say he’s third in my choices, he’s really awesome to use and can demolish the attacking force with his incredible abilities with the force. Poe Dameron, the flying ace for the Resistance, uses his trusty pistol and his kicks to make for some really neat fights. You can kick an enemy into the air and keep shooting at them to force them to stay up there, basically stunning them in the air, which is a great of a strategy as any. I have nothing against his character at all, but he would have to be at the bottom of the list for me. I would suggest Kylo Ren over him, just because it’s nice to have a Sith warrior at your disposal. If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars and loved the movie, and love the characters like me, then I would suggest of course getting it all.

Really quickly, as I don’t want to make this too long for everyone, even though I could talk about Star Wars all day, I also wanted to mention the Disc Pack. It includes Poe’s Resistance Jacket, Resistance Tactical Strike, which is awesome. The Quad Jumper is, I don’t really use the word adorable much, but it is as adorable as a vehicle can get, and is really fun to use. The last disc you get is Finn’s Stormtrooper Costume, just in case you wanted to feel like Luke Skywalker again. Overall, everything The Force Awakens has been incredible and amazing to me. I find myself playing this nonstop and in no way is that stopping any time soon. Suggest this to the highest point, multiplied by 3. Loved it all, and I hope anyone else out there loves it too!

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  • It's, Star Wars, The Force Awakens
  • All of the characters are FANTASTIC to say the least!
  • I loved all of the story


  • Absolutely zero

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