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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been a very popular series on Disney Junior. for nearly a decade and has captivated kids with an astounding run of over 120 family-friendly episodes. While there are no longer any new episodes being created (it was announced last year that a new series called Mickey and Roadster Racers would be taking it’s place), that’s a lot of great content. We’ve been looking forward to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie DVD for awhile. It’s packed with several of the episodes from the hit television show. It is available now, and it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift with over 2 hours of Minnie-centric adventures.


As I’m sure you can guess from the title of the DVD, the episodes are both Minnie and music focused. There is a “main” episode that details Minnie and a concert she is doing at Melody Mountain. Unfortunately for Minnie, all of the musical instruments are missing and she needs to find them. With the help of her friends, and all of the little ones that are encouraged to help, Minnie is on a quest to locate the musical instruments before her concert. There’s a lot to like about the episode, and I’m sure the younger children in your family will love to help save the day!

Alongside the primary title, there are three additional episodes Mickey’s Clubhouse Rocks, Minnie and Daisy’s Flower Shower and Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar. One of these episodes, Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar, reminded us of the main title as Minnie is again trying to find missing items. Only this time, it’s her calendar’s pages that are missing after being scattered by the wind. Another episode, Mickey’s Clubhouse Rocks, is basically a “Battle of the Bands” contest and the last episode, Minnie and Daisy’s Flower Shower, is about the missing flower’s in the park. They are all very cute and will keep the interest of those watching.

In addition to the four featured episodes, there are several bonus episodes:

  • Bonus Episode: “Mickey’s Big Band Concert” (24:03) – Mickey and his friends decide to host a concert in the park.
  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Rooftop Repair (3:03) – Minnie and Daisy have to fix Minnie’s antenna to continue watching a TV show.
  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Alarm Clocked Out (3:03) – Minnie and Daisy have a rough night when their alarm clock goes haywire.

In addition to all of the great content on the DVD, there is also an inflatable toy guitar that is included inside of the DVD case. It looks like a replica of Minnie’s guitar, which is bow shaped and pink in color. I’m sure that it would be a nice touch for your kids to get to “play” their new instrument while watching all of the great episodes.

The DVD includes Disney’s Fast Play, and if you are unfamiliar with that, it’s basically an option that allows you to pop the DVD into your player and walk away without the need to worry about those sometimes pesky menu selections. It’s a nice touch, especially when this DVD will mostly be enjoyed by younger audiences as it will play through without any required input. There are a couple of trailers for upcoming DVD and theater releases (Zootopia and The Good Dinosaur), and with over 2-hours of content, it’s a great way to entertain your kids while they enjoy adventures with Mickey, Minnie and all their friends.

Here’s a little bonus celebrating the release of this DVD.

Disclosure: We received a copy of this movie for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

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