Teen Game Review: “Disney Infinity 3.0” Zootopia Characters & Power Disc Pack


With the upcoming, or wait, upcoming as in, LITERALLY TODAY (March 4th, 2016), new movie Zootopia, Disney is looking for another hit in their movie collection, as if there aren’t tons already. This is obviously not a review for the movie, this is about the newly released Zootopia characters for Disney Infinity 3.0 and the also newly released, power disc pack, which is also Zootopia themed. One of the two characters is Judy Hopps, which we shall start with her first.


Judy, in the world of Zootopia, was a parking meter attendant, although her job may make you turn the other way, she can mean business. With that said, however, most of her “antics” are in a very, very playful manner. If you can kick butt in a playful manner, than I have no problem with this. Her weapon of choice is a tranquilizer gun to, well, tranquilize anybody who doesn’t want to be subdued. Her kicks, most noteworthy, her flying kicks, look like something out of a Jackie Chan movie and should be taken as lightly as one. She may look like your normal, run of the mill rabbit but trust me, she isn’t. She was the first rabbit in the police force and you can see why.


The fox named Nick Wilde is the second character. Nick uses a giant popsicle. That’s not a misprint, literally a giant popsicle. I would think that would be a difficult thing to carry around, seeing as it would probably melt, no matter where you put it….never mind that. No matter how he carries it around, it’s always frozen, and always dangerous. I would usually make a joke here like a “sticky situation” or, “be wary of treading water” but, there are just too many options and so little time for me to use them all. He also has his, not so much “tag-team buddy” and more like “partner in crime” buddy, Finnick, to help him along in anything he finds himself to be in trouble in. Finnick is quite a help really, and I would suggest using him as often as you can. On to the disc pack now!

The power disc pack includes: Meter Maid Judy, her attire before her big case for the police department. Officer Wilde, which is Nick Wilde’s, well, officer costume. Both of these costumes are pretty sweet, and I always love the simple things in life, and in games more importantly in this case. The other two discs you get in this pack are both for customization for your backgrounds. The first of the two is the Sahara Square Sands, which is a landscape of Zootropolis’ fancy and upscale Sahara Square. The other being, well, ties into Sahara Square actually, but in this case, it is the Stars Over Sahara Square, which is for your skydome. Using both are a nice touch and with movie coming out, you’ll be able to notice they did a very good job here with capturing the scenery in the game.

I was very happy to try out all of the above and excited AND looking forward to Zootopia! For anyone wondering when these characters come out, which I did kind of mention it at the top, you may not have noticed or took it as something else. No worries either way, if you realized or not at this point, they are already out actually, so feel free to go out and grab them now! As I always do, I would highly suggest trying all of these out. For any big fans of the new movie, or just Disney Infinity collectors in general. Whatever your occupation may be, I think these are ALL really nice additions into Disney Infinity 3.0 and am looking forward to being able to use them more!

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

Clayton Crooks III

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