Teen Game Review: “Disney Build It: Frozen”


For those of you who haven’t got enough Frozen, and trust me, I agree that I myself haven’t, Disney Build It: Frozen is a newly created (March 10th, 2016) app available for download on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store and Apple App Store, with prices being 4.99 and 3.99 respectively. Let me start off by saying that, it’s a great game for kids. The style of the game is very enjoyable and extremely easy to understand for anyone, at any age really.

Before I get into the review, here is a quick trailer for the app also:

The game is designed so you can make your very own Frozen-themed snow globe worlds. To do so, you create and you can also, customize buildings, such as some of Arendelle’s towers, Elsa’s Castle and much more. You customize them with different colors that you so choose and decors. Players are rewarded with these magical snowflakes, each time a building is completed, and those snowflakes create props like a tree or even snowmen, when matched together. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, or I could’ve just said, the whole gang, will play along and they also add musical themes to your world. When you do mini-missions, they will also accompany you there. In the mini-missions also, they introduce a new character into the cast, Snowgies. You may remember Snowgies from the short film Frozen Fever. They are also in two other Frozen games, Frozen Free Fall and Olaf’s Adventures.


The Snowgies were actually created when Elsa sneezed in Frozen Fever and it seems they are still around. You can also call them Snow-Babies which, is fairly adorable, so I stick to calling them that. Back to the game real quickly, let me list some of the nice things about the app before you go. There are five locations from the film in which you can build in: the North Mountain, the Forest, Troll Valley, Arendelle Castle and of course, the town of Arendelle itself. Once you build your world or, well, whenever you want to really, you can tap the camera to take a flying tour over what you’ve created. For those of you that have the app and play it on an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus, you can 3D Touch and activate flythrough mode or Quick Actions to instantaneously jump to a specific snow globe.


Even though the game is designed for a younger audience, it’s a great game for all ages! For anyone who was thinking it was a cute game for their kid or, maybe I should get it, you should, I mean you really should. It can keep them entertained with the simplicity and great antics in the world of Frozen. Building a snow globe is no slouch either, that’s pretty awesome to me!

Clayton Crooks III

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