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I’m back! This time with, well, actually something entirely different than what I am used to. Republique, a game created almost three years ago now, released for the PC on December 19th, 2013, on Steam and other fancy PC game places, of course. There is also a mobile version of the game, which can be found on the Amazon Appstore, Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Republique was created by Camouflaj and Logan Games, published by GungHo Online Entertainment. You can tell right off the bat the game resembles a style like Metal Gear, another stealth game which has obviously been a hit with a ton of folks out there. After this history lesson, time for the ACTUAL game! Also, want to mention before getting into the game, Republique is entirely a single-player game. Think of it like Assassin’s Creed, without the multiplayer it introduced later on.

Speaking of game, it takes place in a place deemed Metamorphosis. Although that makes it sound like a lovely place to be, it truly isn’t, to say the least. I couldn’t find a better word other than totalitarian, that is the best way to describe it for sure. In this, totalitarian, these people named the Prizrak, perform experiments on, well, we don’t know what they perform experiments on, but we do know on who. They have decided it be best they experiment on “Pre-Cals,” which is a fancy nickname for people who were born and raised in Metamorphosis entirely. Our main character is a Pre-Cal, and her name is Hope. A very fitting name in this scenario if I do say so myself. You’re, well, basically introduced as well as Hope calls upon you to help her escape from this nightmare of a place. Along the way, there is someone on the inside who assists you as much as they can, an American Prizrak named Cooper. The most interesting character in this story, to me at least, is that of Daniel Markus Zager, who is deceased and has left audio logs for Hope and you to find. The last person worth noting is Mireille Prideaux, who is Hope’s caretaker. Real quickly before getting into the gameplay, which, this is important to know beforehand, there are 5 chapters to the game now. Chapter 5, “Terminus,” was released the same day as the PS4 version of the game, and all other versions of the game are now onto Chapter 5, so no need to worry there. All of the games are caught up to speed.


Now into the gameplay. As I mentioned previously, the game was inspired by Metal Gear a lot. The stealth aspect of the game is very clear. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Watch Dogs game from a couple of years ago now, but the “being able to hack a lot of stuff” is the main thing you do in Republique, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds! Even though Hope doesn’t really have anything to use to defend herself, she is quite smart in a lot of other ways, ways you wouldn’t really need to concern yourself over weaponry. It may seem like you’re outgunned, which, wouldn’t be a lie really, you are REALLY OUTGUNNED obviously. Hope can be very cunning, such as pick pocketing a guard or trying to distract him, and then you can figure out what’s your best move from there. You’ve got to make sure you keep Hope safe, and the best way to do that is by, messing with the guards, and hacking into things. It’s as incredibly enjoyable as it sounds. You basically are the guardian angel in a sense to Hope. That’s an odd sentence, guardian angel for Hope. Anyways, the gameplay is absolutely phenomenal, I cannot think of a game with more immersion than Republique at the moment. I’m not really one to enjoy stealthy games either. I’m not a person who likes sitting back and trying to be sneaky, that’s never my kind of game, but here, it’s extremely well done to the point that I think anyone could have fun with it. It may not be so much of a “pick-up and play” kind of game, were you could just be like, “I’m gonna play the game and not really have to concern myself over the story,” it’s not that at all. The story is amazing too, and I don’t know if I mentioned that enough here, I tend not to talk about the stories in games TOO much, as to not spoil anything for someone considering it. Hopefully I didn’t.


Hope has to go through, pardon my French, but a heck of a lot (I apologize for my foul language, people). Any time she gets caught, she’s lucky it’s not her last time she gets caught. Getting busted usually isn’t atrociously difficult to get yourself out of. They send you to their nearest cell that they got, which, they got a lot cells yo. I haven’t used the word “yo” in a long time, yo. You do have to go back quite a bit in the game, as in you may have gone from A to B, but you kinda have to go back to A sometimes before you get to C, if that makes sense. My analogies can be confusing sometimes. Just be thankful they don’t X off Hope from Metamorphosis, with that being said, you should PROBABLY go break her out of that cell, which is pretty fun to do also. I don’t want to say, “when you get the game, keep getting caught over and over,” or anything but, literally every gameplay mechanic, the scenery, the whole game really, is very well done. I cannot say how much I honestly love this game right now. It’s a great change of pace (I think I’ve said that sentence before….) trying to figure out what’s your best move. it’s like playing chess. I don’t even like chess usually either, but this chess is great to me. (Disclaimer: I don’t know chess. I’m as embarrassed as you are.)

To try and rap this up, because trust me, with a game like you got here, it’s not easy just to stop talking about it. I could easily sit here and discuss the entirety of how crazy of a world it is in, how scary some things are, how amazing it is…every bit of it. I don’t use the word “immersive” or “immersion” or anything of the sort usually, but it’s the best way of saying it. It’s INCREDIBLY immersive. I mean, you basically feel like you’re there, helping Hope as if you were one of the Prizrak, honestly. It’s incredible how well they make it feel, almost like the game is here, the game is actually HERE, on Earth. By that I mean it’s freaking real. It turns itself into reality and not many games out there can claim that. It’s fresh, it’s hip, I don’t mean you can dance to the game…I mean I guess you could? I need to explain things better than saying it like it’s a new album.

For anyone who’s out there like me, not like I HATE stealth games because I truly don’t, nor do I hate any game for that matter, I think you need to try it out, though. I realize I say “try out” a game A LOT, but I’m dead serious in saying you won’t be sorry with this one. The game is only $25 for the PS4, or PC. 25 dollars is, I won’t be able to put into words how much of a bargain that is. You need to stop reading this and go purchase this game right now, which did just come out today (March 22, 2016) by the way! (Disclaimer: I don’t want you to stop reading what I say for, good, reason, YOU GET WHAT I MEAN!) Bring some Hope into your life. (I should get a job at making slogans! Why am I talking to myself so much?)

Clayton Crooks III

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