Teen Game Review: “Superhot” Xbox One


Now probably a quick glance and no understanding of the game could make someone baffled just by the name. Upon hearing the name, I was exactly that way. After my super obvious curiosity struck, I had to know what this game was about. It might surprise you that it is ACTUALLY a first-person-esque shooter game, or it might not. In either case, Superhot, as previously stated, is an FPS and was created by the Superhot Team. The game actually started way back in 2013, during a 7 day FPS challenge event, and was an entry in said event. It became very popular and thus, they started a Kickstarter to fund a full game. That full game was released on February 2016 for Windows, OS X and Linux. The game that I’m talking about today is the Xbox One version of the game, which since May the 3rd of this year also, you can now find Superhot in the Xbox Live store. Now the real cool part about this game is the gameplay. (Well obviously, Clayton, nobody would like a game with no gameplay [Not trying to offend older games. {Boy, I talk to myself a lot}]) Let’s get into it then!


To start it off, the game loads up and is mostly displayed as a DOS prompt, which, in no offense to anyone, but I can understand some not getting that. Not going to go in-depth with DOS, but it stands for disc operating system, and it has been a key component in computers well before my time. It’s really awesome to see, as I’m quite intrigued by mostly anything done with a computer these days. With that being said as well, it’s just awesome looking IN GENERAL! The gameplay is fairly difficult to describe, but it’s really easy to see how it behaves in person rather than me telling you. You start off with a simple gun in hand and the game states “Time Moves Only When You Move,” which is entirely true. If you stand still the word goes in slow-mo and honestly, it’s very hard to pick and you can basically describe it simply as, nothing is going on around you. You can shift around and the world starts moving. Once you stop again, however, it does the same thing, stops. It’s a neat concept, one that I’ve not personally seen before. Your main objective is to kill these uh, “red dudes,” literally, red dudes, as they’re trying to get rid of you right off the bat. Once you get the mechanics down, which they’re REALLY simple once you do, the game is a breath of fresh air. You’re not running and gunning, it’s like chess almost. You gotta take your time and plot out your next moves. You can throw your gun also, and punch, which adds for some sweet replays at the end of each level. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the game says SUPER and then HOT as each levels end, during the replay in fact. I don’t really know how to explain that, but it’s SUPER…..and HOT.


Superhot is, well, somehow it’s technically a crack which logs you into a uh, company’s site, so you can play a game on it. It’s also proclaimed as a “Sick shooter!” Said by, I assume, one of your friends on guruCHAT. Yes, guruCHAT. What you use Twitter or something? guruCHAT is where it’s at! fakechat is pretty darn sweet too, I might add. (I don’t know if guruCHAT or fakechat are things or not.) The way the game kicks off though is exactly that: He/she sends you the crack so you can try out this “Sick” game he was talking about. He/she has every right to say it’s sick indeed! The games creators have said that they made the game to be as long as Portal, if that gives any indication of how long you got. Now that actually is just the campaign mode, 30 levels roughly. Once you finish those, which, won’t be in a single day, (Most likely. You may be an absolute boss I have no clue. Who am I to judge? [I never considered being a judge. {That’d be interesting wouldn’t it?}]) You unlock a challenge mode, which takes you back through the campaign mode, but under certain requirements, as it’s a, well, CHALLENGE. You also unlock an “endless” mode in which the player has to survive for as long as they can against an insanely, I’m pretty sure as the mode states, ENDLESS, bunch of red dudes. That’s easily the most fun to me. The campaign mode is brilliant and the challenge mode is very fun in it’s own regard, but I sure do love surviving as long as I can in games, and I love those kinds of modes.¬†Even with that being said, there’s A TON of stuff left for you in your Omni-piOS-v2.1.01p. Apps, demos, cellular, wires, games, YOU NAME IT! You even got your own VR (Virtual Reality, for someone like me who didn’t understand this until they were 15 years old), which, actually kind of disturbs me, and I can’t say why, BUT IT’S SUPER. Wait, no, I used that joke already. Boy, my material these days.


I’ll give a quick talk about the graphics. It’s white, and black, and red. That’s it. Nah, I’m playin’, but seriously those are the only colors used. You’re probably now like “What the heck man? That sounds bogus, dude!”. Why I gave you a California surfer’s voice is beyond me. ANYWAYS, the colors, even with the short amount of choices, look very good. There’s usually some nice scenery as well, such as cars, or you’re in a subway, literally, the 4th mission you’re in a subway. Sorry for spoilers, but hey, I gotta tell you about that AT LEAST! The best way I can describe this game is like, it’s something out of the Matrix, and you’re Neo. I don’t know how many people will get this reference, but basically I just said, you make time slow down and you can dodge bullets really well. And it looks cool. That’s all that matters, it looks cool. I’ve never seen anything like Superhot previously, and I’m quite happy that it’s here.

I have to say it’s the best digital game I’ve played in a while. (I feel like I made a pun here, but I can’t figure out how or why, or where…..[It’s okay, I couldn’t tell either. {Same here. Glad we all agree on something} Me too.] Yeah that’s a first.) For 25 bucks, you easily, EASILY, make your money back from this purchase. The amount of content in the game, including “treedude.exe,” legit, treedude, is astonishing. The game in my opinion is more worth somewhere around 40 dollars, it’s that much fun. Dang, treedude is awesome alone! FLIPPING TREEDUDE! You kiddin’ me!? His name is tree, and dude put together. I don’t know how you could possibly ask for anything else for the rest of your days. Ever. Seriously.




Music/Sound Effects




Replay Value





  • Okay well, basically everything
  • The value is absurd. Absurd in the good way.


  • I have no gripes with anything
  • Minus the VR, which terrifies me to no end
  • (It doesn't THAT bad I'm just trying to be humorous)
  • [Talking to myself in the Cons is either a high point in my life or a low one. And I don't know which it is yet, still]
  • {I should stop}

Clayton Crooks III

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